It's the high time to shower yourself with love as Valentine's has come over. Starting from February 10th, all players can stand a chance to win a lot of sweet gifts with Valentine theme by taking part in the Free Fire Valentine Star. Check out all the details of the event right below:

Free Fire Valentine Star Event Spin

Free Fire Valentine Star event details

In Free Fire, there are some limited items with special theme that players can only obtain by attending time-limited events. Once the event is over, there is no way to get these exclusive items even with bunches of diamonds. In the on going Free Fire Valentine Star event, players can obtain limited rewards like that easily by collecting stars from the lucky wheel.

To claim valuable rewards from the events, players will need to purchase spins and try their luck with the Valentine spin. Once you get an item, it will be removed from the wheel so you have the chance to win other rewards in the next spin.

Free Fire Valentine Star Event

The most valuable rewards in the event includes:

  • Rose Badana
  • Season of Love Surfboard Skin
  • Golden Rose Backpack
  • Valentine's Fox
  • Power of Love Gloo Wall Skin

In addition to these rewards, players can also claim diamond royale voucher, weapon royale vouchers, magic cube fragments and many other rewards.

How to attend Free Fire Valentine Star event

The event is so easy to attend that all players can get enrolled with some diamonds. In fact, you will get 1 first spin for free while you need to spend 20 diamonds more for the next spins.