Free Fire's last big event of 2020, Operation Chrono, is almost here. One could say that this is amongst the biggest ever held... with a collaboration with Christiano Ronaldo, a world-class celebrity. There are a lot of new things in this event... from game mode to login bonuses and royales... but the thing that fans are hyped for the most is probably the free items.

Fichas Free Fire Como Conseguir Tokens E Trocar Pe
Token and Vending machine in Free Fire

In this guide, we would show you how to get the CR7 parachute from the vending machines and everything you need to know about them.

1 - About Free Fire Vending Machine

The Free Fire Vending Machine is a new object placed on the Bermuda battlefield as part of the Operation Chrono event. Players can use tokens they picked up on the map to exchange for various items such as weapons, grenades, ammunition... and a special Pink Chrono Box. The token spawn points and vending machine locations are random.

Maquina De Vendas Free Fire Bermuda

By opening the Pink Chrono Box, players would have a chance for various rewards and a guaranteed CR7's Cosmic Ambassador parachute drop after 5 boxes. This event would begin on December 13 and last for 14 days until December 25

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2 - Vending Machine Item List

Caixa Rosa Do Chrono

  • Pink Chrono Box: 1 Token; Stock 10
  • M82B: 5 Tokens; Stock 1
  • M4A1: 1 Token
  • AK: 2 Tokens
  • FAMAS: 3 Tokens
  • AR Ammo: 1 Token for 100
  • Gloo Wall Grenade: 1 Token for 3; Stock 10
  • Medkit: 5 Tokens for 2
  • HG Ammo: 1 Token for 10

Looks like the recent drop rate nerf of the M82B is more or less nullified, with the gun able to be acquired through the vending machine.

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