Free Fire's character system is one of the most well-liked features in the game. Because of that, Garena has always been trying to improve it by adding characters, with the current trend being collaborations with real-life celebrities to get their likeliness into the game.

Operation Chrono

From relatively unknown local celebrities like DJ Alok or Muay Thai practitioner Joe Taslim (Jota)... Free Fire has moved to actual world-famous celebrities... with the upcoming CR7 Christiano Ronaldo "Operation Chrono" Collab. The event is going to start on Sunday, December 13th.

In this article, we would list out all the rewards from this event.

1 - All confirmed Free Rewards for Operation Chrono

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Players can get the following items for free from the event:

  • MP5 - Cyber Bounty Hunter
  • Cyber Blade
  • Cyber Bounty Chaser
  • Cyber Bounty Backpack

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The Cyber Blade would be the login reward on December 19... on the other hand, the backpack skin would be unlocked after the event's global progress counter reaches 100%. The requirements to unlock the other two items haven't been revealed yet.

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2 - Operation Chrono Event Calendar

Below is the list of all events of Operation Chrono... along with their schedules.

  1. After Match Drop (13th December to 25th December)
  2. Chrono's Bounty: Infinite Gacha (13th December to 25th December)
  3. Complete Chrono's Missions (13th December to 25th December)
  4. New Mode: Cosmic Racer (13th December to 25th December)
  5. Play Vending Machine in-game (13th December to 25th December)
  6. Check-In daily (15th December to 25th December)
  7. Redeem Permanent Gun skin (19th December to 25th December)
  8. Chrono's Treasure: Finite Gacha (19th December to 25th December)
  9. Join community event for official merchandise (19th December to 25th December)
  10. New Mode: The Chosen One (19th December to 25th December)
  11. After match Drop (19th December)
  12. Login Reward (19th December)

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