Free Fire has introduced a new time-limited event called 'The Vengeance' with a lot of attractive rewards. Check out this guide on how to collect Blue Soul Orbs tokens and get Master Of Death Bundle here.

How To Earn Tokens in Free Fire Vengeance Event

The Vengeance event in Free Fire takes place from July 17th to 29th, 2020. The first phase of this event, called Summon Destroyer, lasts from July 17th to 28th. During this time, you need to collect Blue Soul Orbs tokens to redeem rewards, including the exclusive Master Of Death Bundle. Players will get a token after playing a match and 10 tokens for playing ten matches. However, you can get a maximum of 10 tokens per day.

Summon Destroyer Event
Summon Destroyer Event lasting from July 17th to 28th is the first stage of this limited Event

But you can get unlimited tokens on the peak day of The Vengeance event. It's on July 26th, 2020. On that day, you can even get 5 tokens per match. Then, you can use those Blue Soul Orbs token to exchanges a lot of rewards, including the exclusive Master of Death Bundle. Besides, during the event, you can also get a login reward of Death’s Final Strike Bat skin.

How To Get Get Master Of Death Bundle

After collecting the tokens, you use tokens to spin and get the Master Of Death Bundle. The link to 'Exchange Alter' center is available on the left bottom of the phone screen. You have two options, including 'Use' and 'Use x 10'. In the first option, you use 1 token per spin. If you choose the second option, you spend 10 Blue Soul Orbs tokens at once.

Free Fire Vengeance Event
After collecting the tokens, you use tokens to spin and get the Master Of Death Bundle.

There are three milestones of spinning, including 40, 80, and 120. When you complete 120 spins with 120 Blue Soul Orbs tokens, you will get the grand prize of Master Of Death Bundle.

Moreover, you also get many other rewards at other milestones. When you join this event, you will automatically get a Gold Royale Voucher in the system mail. When you complete 40 spins, you get a Death’s Ride Surfboard skin. When you have done 120 spins, you get a Diamond Royale Voucher.