Free Fire is a one and only battle royale game. Other than the classic battle royale gameplay, the game also features its own flair such as the pet system, the weapon skin system, and notably the character system.

There are now more than 30 characters in Free Fire, each with their own story and a unique ability that gives players different advantages in combats.

In this article, we are going to focus on Free Fire Wolfram character ability to find out what it does and how you can use it correctly.

1. Free Fire Wolfram Character Bio

  • Name: Wolfrahh
  • Real name: Leif
  • Age: 19 years (Birthday: April 29)
  • Job: Game streamer

Wolfram grew up in a normal household. He was a smart kid but he chose to spend his time surfing the internet and playing video games instead of studying. He became a viral star in the gaming streaming community and he would howl like a wolf every time he wins.

Free Fire Wolfram Character Ability
Wolfram is a popular streamer and esports player

Everyone likes him for both his wolf persona and his funny commentary. However, he keeps looking to find a way to do something fulfilling with his life than gaming.

Wolfram joined an underground group of hackers to fight against the corrupted government. Still, Wolfram is a streamer at heart and he still wants to be in the limelight with all the attention.

2. Free Fire Wolfram Character Ability

Wolfram's ability is called Lime Light. With this skill for every viewer or kill he gets, he will get more damage reduction in the head area and deal more damage to other players in the limp area.

Free Fire Wolfram
Worlfram's skill can reduce headshot damage up to 30% and increase limp damage by 20%

Here are all the details of Wolfram's ability.

  • Limelight Level 1: For every viewer or kill, reduces incoming headshot damage by 3% (up to 25%), increases limp damage by 3% (up to 15%).
  • Limelight Level 2: For every viewer or kill, reduces incoming headshot damage by 3.5% (up to 25%), increases limp damage by 3.5% (up to 15%).
  • Limelight Level 3: For every viewer or kill, reduces incoming headshot damage by 4% (up to 25%), increases limp damage by 4% (up to 15%).
  • Limelight Level 4: For every viewer or kill, reduces incoming headshot damage by 4.5% (up to 25%), increases limp damage by 4.5% (up to 15%).
  • Limelight Level 5: For every viewer or kill, reduces incoming headshot damage by 4.5% (up to 30%), increases limp damage by4. 5% (up to 20%).
  • Limelight Level 6: For every viewer or kill, reduces incoming headshot damage by 5% (up to 30%), increases limp damage by 5% (up to 20%).

As you can see, Wolfram can reduce up to 30% headshot damage and have an increase of up to 20% damage thanks to his skill. Those are massive advantages but they are also really hard to achieve since, at the highest level, you need 6 kills in order to get the full benefit.

Freef Rie Wolfram
You can the number of viewers on top of the screen

Note that even the most pro players and streamers only get an average of 4 kills per match. So if you are just an average player, it is likely that you will rarely make full use of this skill. Most of the time, you will get about 15% damage reduction and damage increase on average.

3. Free Fire Wolfram Character Tips And Tricks

While it is hard to make full use of the ability of Wolfram, it doesn't mean that he is a bad character. All you have to do is to know how to use him correctly with the right playstyle. Here are important tips and tricks you need to know when using Wolfram.

  • First, you need kills in order to make use of Wolfram's skill. There are several ways to do this. You can go full aggressive in a crowded place but that is a high-risk high reward move. You can instead camp a little bit at the start to get some easy kill first and go full push mode later on.
Free Fire Wolfram Character
You will make things much easier if you have the right combo with Wolfram
  • With a good combination of skills with Wolfram, you will make things much easier. The top options of characters are Alok, Atonio, Luqueta, K, Chrono.
  • As for weapon choice SMGs and Shotguns are a must because they are super powerful weapons in close range for early kills. The best options are the M1887 and the MP40. As for ARs, SCAR and XM8 are the best options.
  • Even if you have gotten several kills already, don't be overconfident. After all, you are not invulnerable. Other players can still kill you if they know how to play smartly.

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