The Cobra Go Event is now live in Garena Free Fire. It offers players a chance to win exciting rewards like the Cobra Sidekick bundle, Slither Surfboard, weapon royale vouchers, and more. If you miss the event for a few days, don't worry. It will last until March 7, 2021.

Cobra Go Event Finish Laps
Free Fire Cobra Go Event

The Free Fire Cobra Go event is one of the events to celebrate the Project Cobra update, introducing additional content to the game. Don’t miss your opportunity to acquire event-exclusive skins and rewards for free.

Free Fire Cobra Go Event Details

The Cobra Go event is basically a board game where players roll the dice to move around the mini-game board and redeem rewards. Players can acquire dice roll turns by completing the daily tasks or by simply logging in every day.

Each square in the Cobra Go board has a surprise for players. They may contain rewards or perks to help you gain more progress or even traps that stop you from moving forward.

After completing a certain number of laps, players will receive additional rewards. The list of rewards include:

  • 5 Laps – 2000 Gold
  • 10 Laps – Memory Fragment
  • 15 Laps - Legendary Cobra Pin x1

Cobra Coins are collectible items in the mini-game, which you can use to redeem other items in the Event Shop.

Free Fire Cobra Go Event Rewards

After collecting the required number of Cobra Coins, players can redeem multiple rewards from the event store.

Cobra Store
Exchange Cobra Coins For Various Items

Here is the list of available items that you can acquire:

  • #1 Cobra Sidekick (Top) - 80 Cobra Coins
  • #2 Cobra Sidekick (Bottom) - 60 Cobra Coins
  • #3 Cobra Sidekick (Shoes) - 40 Cobra Coins
  • #4 Slither Surfboard - 30 Cobra Coins
  • #5 Weapon Royale Voucher - 10 Cobra Coins