Yesterday, Garena Free Fire rolled out the brand new OB26 update to the global servers. The much-awaited update introduces tons of changes and features, including the totally revamped training grounds as well as the Mag-7 shotgun.

Free Fire Skyler
Skyler is the next real-life inspired character in Free Fire

As expected, the servers were taken down for maintenance for a few hours. It started at 9:30 AM concludes at 6:00 PM (IST). As of now, the update has been launched in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Players can download it from these digital platforms.

Garena Free Fire OB26 Update Size for Android and iOs

For Android devices, the OB26 update of Free Fire stands at around 644 MB. However, several Android phone owners reported that the file only weighs about 390 MB. In the case of iOs devices, the file size is about 800 MB.

Weapon Balances Ob26
The update size for Android and iOS devices are different

As the devs announced earlier, users can claim multiple rewards by logging into the game after the update. Follow the steps below to acquire your rewards:

  • #1: Update Garena Free Fire and run the game. Open the ‘Calendar’ section via the icon on the right side of the screen.
  • #2: Navigate to the ‘Events’ tab and select ‘Update Patch On 4/2’.
  • #3: Press the ‘Claim’ button to obtain the rewards.

Free Fire OB26 Patch Notes

Here are a few keys changes and features players should note about the OB26 Update.

Clash Squad

Changes in the Clash Squad mode
Changes in the Clash Squad mode

Ranked Season

  • Rank Season 5 starts on February 5th
  • Obtain Golden MP5 for reaching Gold III or higher

New Item - UAV-Lite

  • A utility item that will scan for nearby enemies in the area. It is available in the vending machine in Classic Mode (Casual & Ranked).
Uav Lite Banner
Check out the new UAV-Lite

New Item - War Chest

  • War Chests are available in both casual and ranked mode. Find them in matches for easy loot.

New System - Revival Point

  • Available in Classic Casual Only
  • Revive the entire squad by capturing and activating the ‘Revival Point’