Garena Free Fire features a wide collection of in-game cosmetic items, including costume bundles, weapon skins, emotes, and more. These items are a huge hit among players, but not all of them are free to grab. Certain events do offer a chance to claim these items, which means players don't have to spend Diamonds to get them. If you're a fan of anything free in Free Fire, do not skip on the ‘Discover the Map’ event for a chance to win the Flame Chaser set.

How to Obtain the Flame Chaser set in Garena Free Fire

The ‘Discover the Map’ event kicked off yesterday, January 8th, 2021, and will conclude on January 14th. This is the opportunity for players to win various free in-game rewards. In order to claim these items, all you have to do is to clear the fog on Bermuda Map.

Flame Chaser Free Fire
Flame Chaser Set in Free Fire

For this, survivors have to spend 100 Gold Coins or 2 Pink Sakura Cards to purchase a Campfire, a Map & Compass, or a gun. However, the developers also limit the usage of gold coins. Players can only spend the in-game currency three times in the whole event. Also, the fog layer will clear entirely after nine eliminations.

Discover the map event in Free Fire
Discover the Map event in Free Fire
For each time they eliminate parts of the fog, players will receive a reward. The Grand Prizes will be available at 60%, 80%, and 100% progress, including the Flame Chaser set. You can check your progress on the left-hand side of the event screen.

How to Obtain Pink Sakura Card Tokens

Pink Sakura Cards are absolutely crucial to win other items in this new event. To obtain these tokens, players must complete daily missions in Garena Free Fire. Check out the missions and collect rewards from the 'Get Sakura Card' segment under 'The New Beginning 1/1" tab.

Getting the Pink Sakura Card
Getting the Pink Sakura Card

Here is a list of all the rewards that players can obtain from this ongoing event:

  • Flame Chaser (Top)
  • Flame Chaser (Bottom)
  • 5x Violet Terror weapon loot crate
  • Random Loadout loot crate
  • Cheetah weapon loot crate
  • Pink Heaven weapon loot crate
  • Violet Terror weapon loot crate
  • Pet food
  • Gold Royale voucher
  • 50x Universal fragment token