Finding a guild in Garena Free Fire is no longer a mystery as long as you know the exact way to do it. In fact, tons of amateur and professional clans are coming out with public recruitment and you’ll be going through selection processes before joining a new guild.

Garena established “guilds” in order to help make things easier for Free Fire players. Once you’ve taken part in a guild, you’ll be playing alongside a squad in tournaments with a unique clan name, eye-catching slogan as well as specific rules set by the creator of your guild.

Free Fire Guild 0
Participating in a guild is a great ladder that leads to a higher reputation in the community

No need to say, this is a great ladder that leads to a higher reputation in the community as you can complete missions, level up your skillset, make friends, etc. more easily and quickly. If you’re preparing yourself to become a more professional gamer in the competitive landscape of Free Fire, let’s check out how to find a guild in the game and apply for its membership.

How To Find Guilds That Are Recruiting 

Since Garena came up with a section that displays available teams to users, you can search for a guild to enter within the game itself. This feature shows you a lot of notable information about them, such as honor, level, slogan, number of members, etc.

The process of applying is pretty simple. Just follow some steps below.

Step 1: First things first, let’s sign in with your own credentials. On the right menu bar of the game interface, tap on the "Guilds" section.

Free Fire Guild 1
Tap on the "Guilds" section.

Step 2: Use the search engine if you’ve already known the name or ID of a guild. If not, you can take a look at some recommended guilds on the screen.

Free Fire Guild 2
Use the search engine to find your favorite guild.

Step 3: Click on the guild you want to apply for, and choose “Join”.

Free Fire Guild 3
Free Fire guilds with Auto Approve and Approve.

There’re two different approval methods a guild might have opted in – Auto Approve and Approve. The first one allows you to become a member right after you pressed “Join”, and the second meanwhile sends your submission to a vice leader or leader of the guild, so it’s all up to them.

Tips On How To Join A Guild In Free Fire

Sometimes you can find it difficult to join a guild. Keep in mind that the game has set up some rules for this process.

1. You cannot join another guild if you’re currently a member of one.

2. You can submit up to 10 requests per day.

3. Guilds have a limit of 50 requests pending in the queue. If the number of registrations exceeds this limit, you won’t be able to send such a request.