Free Fire has established itself as one of the most popular Battle Royale games.  Developed and published by Garena, it scores with fast-paced, action-packed gameplay, and numerous unique features. One of those is the pet system, which allows players to collect pets with different powers.

beaston pet free fire
The Beaston Pet in Garena Free Fire

Pets are meant for more than just the aesthetic aspects of this game. They have actual impacts on certain aspects of the Free Fire gameplay. The latest addition to the pet collection, Beaston, was earlier available in the OB25 Advance Server. Currently, it's offered as a top-up reward - a deal that you should not turn down.

Beaston Pet in Free Fire

Though he may appear mean-looking, Beaston is actually a friendly baboon with a soft heart. His skill - Helping Hand, buffs the throwing distance of Grenades, Gloo Walls, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades by 10% at the first level. At the maximum level, throwables get a 30% distance boost. Now you can reach enemies far away with explosives or cover more range with smokes.

Beaston pet in Free Fire
Beaston Pet in Free Fire

How to Obtain Beaston in Free Fire

As we have stated earlier, you can not buy Beaston directly from the in-game store as of now. He's only available as a top-up reward in the event that kicked off on January 16th. It will come to an end soon, on January 23rd. Within this duration, survivors will get Beaston immediately for topping-up 100 Diamonds. There are other rewards also.

Beaston Top-Up Event Rewards:

  • 100 diamonds - Beaston Pet
beaston pet 100 Diamonds
Top-up 100 Diamonds to get Beaston
  • 300 diamonds - Show off action
Show off action
Top-up 300 Diamonds to get Show off action
  • 500 diamonds - Pet skin: Glacier Beaston
Pet skin: Glacier Beast
Top-up 500 Diamonds to get Pet skin: Glacier Beast

How to Claim Beaston

  • Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire and visit the 'Events' tab (Calendar icon).
Press the event icon
Press the event icon
  • Step 2: Navigate towards the Beaston Top-Up event section.
beaston top up
Top-up and win rewards
  • Step 3: Press Claim to collect the corresponding rewards.