The UMP Wilderness Hunter is the latest UMP gun skin in Garena Free Fire. Let's see how overpowered this new skin is and how to get it in the game!

Weapon Royale Ump
Check out how to get the UMP Wilderness Hunter skin

UMP Wilderness Hunter's Stats

Following a bold and wild theme, the UMP Wilderness Hunter comes in black, decorated with tiger stripes. This gun skin will go perfectly with the Wilderness Hunter or the Wilderness Trapper bundle.

UMP Wilderness Hunter 2
This skin will boost the UMP stats substantially

In terms of stats, the new skin boosts the UMP's penetration and rate of fire. Though the reload speed gets a minor nerf, it's will still shred through your enemies' armor.

How to Get UMP Wilderness Hunter

The UMP Wilderness Hunter is obtainable from the Weapon Royale in the Luck Royale menu. You will have to spend some Diamonds, though. Here are the costs of the UMP Wilderness Hunter Weapon Royale:

UMP Wilderness Hunter weapon royale
Spin for the skin in the Weapon Royale
  • 1x Spin = 50 Diamonds
  • 11x Spins = 500 Diamonds

You can also use replace the Diamonds with the Weapon Royale Voucher.

Weapon Royale Prize List

Apart from the UMP Wilderness Hunter, players can also claim a whole plethora of other interesting prizes. Permanent gun skin, 7-days gun skins, and grenade skins are all available.

FAMAS Wilderness Hunter
Don't forget about the FAMAS Wilderness Hunter

Here’s the complete list of prizes in the Weapon Royale:

  • FAMAS Wilderness Hunter;
  • MGL140 Demolitionist;
  • M79 Demolitionist;
  • M1014 Demolitionist;
  • MP5 Demolitionist;
  • M60 Gold Coated;
  • M4A1 Vandal Revolt;
  • AWM Vandal Revolt;
  • M14 Vandal Revolt;
  • VSS Vandal Revolt;
Wr Wilderness Hunter
Try your luck at the Weapon Royale
  • FAMAS Kpop Stardom;
  • Kar98k Kpop Stardom;
  • UMP Kpop Stardom;
  • MGL140 Kpop Stardom;
  • AK47 Urban Rager;
  • SKS Urban Rager;
  • SPAS12 Urban Rager;
  • SCAR Old Fashioned;
  • MP5 Old Fashioned;
  • AWM Old Fashioned
  • P90 Old Fashioned;
  • Manly Cologne;
  • Winterlands Grenade;
  • Ice Bomb;
  • Egg Grenade.