Like other games in the mobile gaming world, Garena Free Fire features a micro-transaction system in-game that allows players to buy all sorts of goodies. They can use Diamonds - the premier currency of the game, to purchase items like costumes, skins, characters, and more.

Codashop Games
Codashop supports a lot of games

However, whenever players run short on Diamonds, they must refill, or top-up with money from their pockets. Apart from the in-game store, there are several other service providers that can take care of such demand. Games Kharido and Codashop are by far the best ones in the market. Let's check out the steps on purchasing Diamonds from Codashop!

How to Top-Up Free Fire Diamonds from Codashop

As we have mentioned earlier, Codashop is one of the most popular Free Fire top-up websites. Players often choose this website over the in-game store because of the offers here, which provides a better deal. Follow the steps below if you wish to buy Diamonds from Codashop:

  • #1: Visit the official website via the link here.
  • #2: Choose Garena Free Fire on the list of games that appear on the screen.
Click on the "Free Fire" option
Choose Free Fire to top up Diamonds
Select the number of diamonds and the payment option
Select the number of Diamonds and the payment channel
  • #4: Check back at the account for the Diamonds.

Top-up Options Available on Codashop

Here are all the available top-up denominations that players can choose from on the top-up website:

  • 50 Diamonds - INR 40
  • 100 Diamonds - INR 80
  • 310 Diamonds - INR 240
  • 520 Diamonds - INR 400
  • 1060 Diamonds - INR 800
  • 2180 Diamonds - INR 1600
  • 5600 Diamonds - INR 4000