Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale game published by Garena in 2017 for Android and iOS. The game has hundreds of million players from all around the world. The game is free-to-play but players can purchase skins and bundles to make their characters look better.

Free Fire
Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale game published by Garena in 2017

Free Fire updates very frequently to add new skins and bundles into the game for players to get. For most of the time, new skins in Free Fire will be released in the Diamond Royale so players are really eager to see what bundle is going to be in the upcoming Diamond Royale Bundle in Free Fire.

1. What is Diamond Royale in Free Fire?

The Diamond Royale is a part of the Luck Royale, a lucky spin system in Free Fire. The Diamond Royale is where you can find the latest bundle in Free Fire. It is a lucky spin where you have to spend 60 Diamonds to spin once or 600 Diamonds to spin 11 times.  The prizes in the Diamond Royale will change once every 20 days.

Upcoming Diamond Royale In Free Fire
Diamond Royale is a lucky spin in Free Fire

The more you spin in the Diamond Royale in Free Fire, your luck quotient will increase and you will have a better chance to get the grand prize. After your luck Quotient reaches 99, your next spin is will 100% get the grand prize.

The Diamond Royale is also where you can get the Magic Cube, a rare item that you can use to exchange for an exclusive bundle in the Magic Cube shop.

2. Upcoming Diamond Royale In Free Fire

The current Diamond Royale in Free Fire is the Revenge Full-Leather male bundle and it is going to end soon. In the next Diamond Royale in Free Fire, we are going to have the Avenge Full-Leather female bundle.

It consists of the following items:

  • Aevenge Full-Leather (Top)
  • Aevenge Full-Leather (Bottom)
  • Aevenge Full-Leather (Shoes)
  • Aevenge Full-Leather (Mask)
  • Aevenge Full-Leather (Head)

In the Facebook post on the fan page of Garena Free Fire about the bundle, they say:

It's time to shake things up as the Avenge Full-Leather Bundle makes its way to Diamond Royale

Upcoming Diamond Royale Free Fire

The Avenge Full-Leather bundle has a pink and black theme, unlike the Revenge Full-Leather with a yellow and black theme.

3. How to spin the Diamond Royale in Free Fire for free

The Diamond Royale requires players to spend Diamond, a currency that can only be purchased with real money in Free Fire. Since players have to spin the lucky wheel to get it, it is going to cost a lot of Diamonds unless you are really lucky.

Here, we will show you the ways to spin the Diamond Royale in Free Fire for free to get the Avenge Full-Leather bundle even though you don't have money.

Diamond Voucher

Diamond Voucher is an item in Free Fire that can give you a free spin in the Diamond Voucher. You can get this item a lot in Free Fire through the Elite Pass, events, rank matches,... This is the most common way for free players to spin the Diamond Voucher in Free Fire.

Diamond Voucher
You can spin the Diamond Royale using the Diamond Voucher

Money Earning apps

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Google Opinion Rewards is an app developed by Google so you can totally trust it. You can get money after finishing a survey and you can exchange money for Google Credit to buy Diamonds in Free Fire.

Google Opinion Rewards 809f

Swagbucks is also another trustworthy app to make money online. It features tons of different activities for you to choose from. You can transfer your money into your Paypal account or exchange it for different types of gift cards including Google Gift Card.

Watching Free Fire streams

Free Fire has a streaming platform called BOOYAH. In here, you will find a lot of Free Fire stream from the best and the most entertaining players. There will be streams on the app that are promoted by Free Fire such as tournaments. By watching these streams, you will get a chance to get rewards or Diamonds.

Free Fire Tournament
You can get free Diamonds by watching tournaments in BOOYAH

Join tournaments

You don't have to be the best Free Fire players in the world in order to won tournaments. There are a lot of amateur tournaments in Free Fire with Diamonds as the prize pool for the winner. All you need is a team and you are qualified to join to get the prize.

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