Free Fire is a popular battle royale on mobile published by Garena in 2017. Into the game, 50 players will be dropped into an abandoned island to pick up weapons, items and fight until there is only one survival left.

Garena Free Fire
Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game on mobile in the world

Apart from typical elements of a battle royale game, Free Fire has other traits that make it stands out such as the character system, weapon skins, and pet. Garena released new content into Free Fire often along with updates for players to purchase, including new skins.

Most of the new skins will be released in the Diamonds Royale, in which you have to spend Diamonds to roll randomly for the skins. Here in this article, we will show you what you need to know about the Diamond Royale in Free Fire and every Free Fire Diamond Royale trick to spin the item you want without spending real money.

1 . What is the Diamond Royale in Free Fire

The Diamond Royale is a part of the Luck Royale in Free Fire. Free Fire releases the latest weapon and character skins in the Diamond Royale every 20 days. After 20 days, those skins will disappear and be replaced by other skins. To spin the Diamond Royale in Free Fire, you need to spin 60 Diamonds per spin or 600 Diamonds for 11 spins.

Free Fire Diamond Royale
Free Fire Diamond Royale is where you can get the latest skins in Free Fire

Other than exclusive skins, you can also get a Magic Cube or Magic Cube Fragment in the Diamond Royale. The Magic Cube is a very rare item that you can use to trade for a special skin in the Store.

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2. Free Fire Diamond Royale trick

The chance to get the grand prize in the Diamond Royale is quite low so it is going to cost you a lot of Diamonds to get the item you want.

Here are some Free Fire Diamond Royale tricks for you:

  • Other than using Diamonds, you can use Diamond Voucher to spin the Diamond Royale. You can get Diamond Voucher from various events in Free Fire for free.
  • The more you spin the Diamond Royale, the higher chance you will get the grand prize. After 99 spins, you will have a 100% chance to get the grand prize.
  • You can trade FF token or Guild token for Diamond Voucher. You can join a Guild to do Guild daily missions and get Guild tokens.

3. How to get Free Fire Diamond in Free Fire

While Diamond is a paid currency in Free Fire. It doesn't mean that there is no way to get it to spin the Diamonds Royale if you don't have any money. Here are some ways for you to get Diamonds in Free Fire without wasting any real money.

Join tournaments

Free Fire has a lot of frequent tournaments that feature a large number of Diamonds as prizes for the winner. These are non-pro tournaments host by either Garena or a third-party company so you don't have to be a super killing machine or anything. You just need to have a decent team and you are good to go to have a chance of winning.

Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2

One of those tournaments is the Free Fire Battle Arena tournament Season 2, hosted by Free Fire. This tournament features a 300,000 Diamonds prize pool and it is happening right now. The Play-Ins and the Grand Finals will be starting in a few days to determine the winner.

Watching esports streams

Garena encourages people to watch esports tournaments by giving random viewers Diamonds and other rewards during their stream. These streams can be either on YouTube or on the BOOYAH streaming app of Garena.


Whenever there is a big update, you will see a lot of YouTubers influence doing Diamonds giveaways.  While the chance of winning is small, you pretty much lose nothing by joining their giveaways. Beware of giveaways from scammer though. If a person makes you give them their account to giveaway Diamonds, don't do it.

Money earning apps

There are apps on the internet such as Google Opinion Rewards and Swagbucks that will give you money if you do their survey, play, download their games, and various other activities. These apps can get you a good number of Diamonds if you finish their tasks often.

Google Opinion Rewards

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