Garena Free Fire is definitely one of the most popular BR titles as of now. The mobile game though late to the scene still manages to garner a thriving community over the years. With a continuous effort to update the content to keep it fresh and engaging, Free Fire rightfully earns its place among the most downloaded games on Google Play Store. It’s now competing with the all-time classic PUBG Mobile for the throne of the BR genre. 

Free Fire Ob23 Update
Free Fire has dropped the OB23 Update

Apart from its exciting features, Free Fire’s appeal also stems from the gigantic collection of cosmetics. Players can get hold of weapon skins, character outfits, and more. Unfortunately, beauty comes with a price. While some can spend a fortune on the game to purchase all the available items, the others aren’t so lucky. As a result, they turn to use the modded APK versions instead. However, using these mods are not safe for both you and your device, they can also lead to various problems. 

Is Using Mods Legal in Garena Free Fire?

The answer is no. By using any of these mods, you’re actually violating the terms of service issued by the publisher Garena. There are tons of videos on YouTube showcasing the power of such a “self-acclaimed” tool. Yet, the ugly truth is that they don’t usually work as you see on the Internet. 

Garena Free Fire's Terms of Service
Garena Free Fire's Terms of Service

It’s hard for players to resist the temptation of getting free Diamonds, unlimited coins, or unlock every skin in the game. However, they are merely a trap - set up by a minority to fraud the community for their own benefits. On top of the fact that they may not actually work as advertised, these modded versions can even carry viruses to your device. 

free fire mod ad
It's really hard to turn down an offer like this

Remember that you have agreed to Garena’s terms and policies when registering for Free Fire. It means you must adhere to the rules. Should you violate the agreement, your account could be banned permanently.