The long-awaited Free Fire OB26 update has finally hit the live servers. It's full to the brim with new and exciting features, including a new gun, a new character, a new pet, a social system update, and more. Players can start downloading the update file from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store as of now.

Weapon Balances Ob26
Weapon Balances in OB26
Apart from the above-mentioned changes, the OB26 Update also introduces various weapon balances. Nerfing OP guns and buffing those "underdogs" is crucial to keep the game in the perfect balance. However, they could just flip the current meta upside down. Check out all the new weapon balances in the OB26 Update right here!

Free Fire OB26 Update Weapon Balances

Stats of the current weapons change as the following picture shows:

Nerfted and Buffed Guns in OB26
Nerfted and Buffed Guns in OB26

New Weapon - MAG-7

The MAG-7 shotgun is lethal in close range
MAG-7 shotgun is lethal in close range

The MAG-7 Shotgun boasts a high fire rate and an incredible damage stat in close to mid-range combats. It will be available as loot in the Classic and Clash Squad mode. Check out the stats of this weapon right here:

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Magazine: 8
  • Rate of Fire: 0.2
  • Attachments: Grip, Stock

FF Knife

The throwable melee weapon FF Knife is now added to Free Fire. Players can acquire this weapon in the Classic (Casual & Ranked)

The FF Knife is a throwable weapon
The FF Knife is a throwable weapon

The stats of the FF Knife are as follows:

  • Base Damage: 50
  • Ammo: 3
  • Rate of Fire: 0.5
  • Armor Penetration: 100%


The Vector was too powerful to ignore. It had reaped fear in the OB25 update and this time, it received a nerf in Damage, Accuracy, and Range.

  • Minimum Damage: -1
  • Maximum Range in Akimbo: -4
  • Accuracy in Akimbo: -18%


The M1014 was once the go-to pump-action shotgun in Free Fire. Over time, as new weapons are introduced to the game, M1014has become a bit obsolete. Hence, in the OB26 Update, Garena decides to buff its Damage and Rate of Fire.

M1014 Free Fire
The M1014 is back at the game
  • Minimum Damage: +3
  • Rate of Fire: +5%


The M1887's maximum range was nerfed to limit its ability to one-shot the enemies in the medium range.

  • Maximum Range: -3%


Since its first introduction in the OB24 Update, the PARAFAL has been the go-to weapon for many Free Fire players. So, in order to re-direct some of that attention to other guns, the devs nerf its range while increasing its recoil rate. Also, the magazine attachment slot has been removed.

Parafal Free fire
PARAFAL in Free Fire
  • Recoil: +9%
  • Maximum Range: -15%


The Woodpecker is a Sniper Rifle that uses AR Ammo. That gives players way too many advantages already. Hence, Free Fire reduces its fire rate and magazine size in this update.

  • Rate of Fire: -8%
  • Removed the magazine attachment slot


The UMP has been requesting some "love" for quite a while now. In the OB26 update, it receives much-needed buffs in Armor Penetration and Damage. This can make it a more viable choice for players in the later stages of the game.

  • Armor Penetration: +5%
  • Minimum Damage: +1


LMGs are powerful weapons, but they tend to lack mobility. That's exactly what the M249 has been going through. This patch, it's now lighter with several adjustments:

  • Movement Speed While Firing: +10%
  • Minimum Range: +4%
  • Accuracy While Moving: -4%


The SVD is by far one of the best loots available in Airdrops. In fact, it's way too powerful compared to other guns in the game. Therefore, Garena nerfs its rate of fire and damage to the body to level out the playground.

Svd Free Fire
The SVD in Free Fire
  • Rate of Fire: -9%
  • Additional Damage to Body: 50%->40%


Meanwhile, the AR Groza, which is also an Airdrop weapon, gets a significant buff, improving its rate of fire, damage, and reduction in recoil.

  • Rate of Fire: +8%
  • Minimum Damage: +3
  • Recoil: -6%
  • Deal 100% damage to arms and legs