Each character in Garena Free Fire owns a unique ability that can completely turn the game on its head. There are a total of 33 currently available characters in the game, with "K" being the latest release. Hayato is one of the prominent picks out of the roster, courtesy of his power skill. However, if you know how to pair him with corresponding powerhouses, Hayato will express his full potential.

Hayato Character In Free Fire Everything You Need
Check out these best combinations for Hayato in Free Fire

In this article, we'll list out the 3 of the best character combinations for Hayato in Garena Free Fire.

Top 3 Support Characters for Hayato in Free Fire

#1 DJ Alok

Coming up first is the legendary DJ Alok. His unique ability - "Drop the Beat", increases ally's movement speed by 10% and replenishes 5 HP for 5 seconds. At the maximum level, the movement speed boost increases to 15%, and the HP regen duration expands to 10 seconds. For a character with an aggressive playstyle like Hayato, he will need all the buff he can have to shine. And DJ Alok provides just what it calls for.

dj alok skill
DJ Alok's unique skill fits all playstyles

#2 Kelly

Next is Kelly the swift. She owns a unique skill called "Dash", which increases the movement speed by 1%. At max level, the buff enhances to 6% movement speed boost. Pair this with Hayato's unique skill, and you have yourself a lethal combination. Hayato can now quickly maneuver around the map, allowing him to pick up more kills while moving in and out of fights.

kelly hatayo
Kelly and Hayato would make a deadly combo with insane speed

#3 Laura

Last but not least, Laura comes in with her "Sharp Shooter" ability. It increases the users’ accuracy by 10 when they use scopes at the base level. The figure increases to 30 accuracy points at the max level. This skill will aid Hayato in aiming, further complement his armor penetration.

laura hatayo
Pair Hayato with Laura to compliment his armor penetration