Free Fire update OB21 has just come today, April 8th, 2020 with a lot of new features like characters, a new pet and new game mode, etc. However, you can expect to see more things to come to this game in the near future. The developers of Garena Free Fire have just unveiled that they might bring back a game mode, Explosive Jump. Check out this leak here with

Garena Free Fire To Bring Back Explosive Jump Mode Soon

The dev team of this game has revealed on social media that there would be a game mode coming back soon. They also attached a picture of the mode to let players guess. Looking at the hints, you can definitely guess which mode is coming back: Explosive Jump. The picture on the post unveiled it through some similar images of Jumping Shoes and Grenade Launcher.

It’s pretty easy for true fans of this game to get the right answer. Explosive Jump is an old game mode introduced about a year ago. But then, it was removed. This game mode took place on the Bermuda map in which 20 players land in a small area and join a match as usual. But in Explosive Jump, you can loot some heavy weapons like a Grenade launcher. 

Free Fire Explosive Mode
The Developers Have Unveiled About The Comeback Of This Mode

Moreover, you can find and wear a pair of Jumping Shoes for a double jump. The Grenade Launcher, also known as MGL40 is a heavy weapon that can launch grenades 200m away. Besides, each load has 5 ammo. So, it is a strong weapon that can help you win the game at the last circles. Although the exact release date has not been announced, it still leaves a lot of Free Fire players highly anticipated. 

This Is An Exciting Game Mode
This Is An Exciting Game Mode