Garena Free Fire boasts a certain number of unique features that separate itself from other Battle Royale games on the market. One of the most prominent difference is the character system. The game currently offers 35 playable characters, each has its own special abilities to aid players on the battleground.

Free Fire Characters
Check out these characters for beginners

However, for those who just started playing Free Fire, acquiring all characters seem out of reach. We suggest beginners sticking with easy and available characters to get the hang of the game first. Do not opt for someone too expensive, since saving currency will be your top priority. With that being said, here are the top 5 characters for Free Fire beginners in January 2021.

Top 5 Beginner-Friendly Characters in Free Fire in January 2021

#1 Kelly

Kicking off the list is Kelly. She is one of the first characters you can unlock in Free Fire, who comes with a passive skill - Dash. This ability buffs sprinting speed by 1%. Kelly is available in the in-game store for 2000 Gold Coins or 199 Diamonds.

Free Fire Characters Kelly
Kelly in Free Fire

#2 Olivia

Coming in second place, we have Olivia. As her in-game description reads, she is a chief nurse at a renowned hospital, Olivia's passive ability is Healing Touch. It grants revived players an extra 6HP. She's also available for re for 2000 Gold Coins or 199 Diamonds.

Olivia in Free Fire
Olivia in Free Fire

#3 Ford

Next stop, Ford goes in strong with his passive skill - Iron Will. This ability reduces damage by 4% when in the blue zone. Players can acquire him from the store for 2000 Gold Coins or 199 Diamonds.

Ford in Free Fire
Ford in Free Fire

#4 Nikita

Coming up next, we have the Firearms Expert, Nikita. Her passive reduces the reload time of submachine guns by 4%. She's also available for just 2000 Gold Coins or 199 Diamonds.

Nikita in Free Fire
Nikita in Free Fire

#5 Maxim

Concluding the list is none other than Maxim himself. The competitive eater has a passive skill called Gluttony. It allows him to consume med kits 2% quicker. Players can acquire him for 8000 Gold Coins.