Garena Free Fire has launched the biggest events to celebrate the Easter festival. These game events brought players a lot of exclusive and rare rewards. You can get free characters, exclusive weapon skins, character level-6 cards and more. Join those events, complete the event missions, and get Free Fire rewards now. Check out the events and guide on getting rewards here with

Full Gun Skin Unlock Event

This event lasts from 4 a.m. April 19th to 4 a.m. April 20th, 2020. Full Gun Skin Unlock event gives Free Fire players to get a lot of rare and stunning legendary weapon skins. Those skins have unique abilities to make your weapon more powerful. In this event, you can get those skins for free. Of course, you need to complete the event mission to get the rewards. Just by logging in on the event day, you will get free legendary gun skins for a 24h trial.

Free Fire Full Gun Skin Unlock Event
Garena Free Fire Full Gun Skin Unlock Event

Choose A Character Event

This event also takes place at the same time as the Full Gun Skin Unlock event. Players can get their favorite character and a character level-6 card for free. To get a free character and the character card, you log in to the Free Fire game on the event day. Then, you choose your favorite character out of a list of Free Fire characters to get her/him. Players will also receive a character card along with the free character. 

Free Fire Choose A Character Event
Garena Free Fire Choose A Character Event

Ultimate Sunday Event 

This event also lasts from April 19th to April 20th. In this event, Free Fire players will get three exclusive rewards, including Kelly’s Memory Fragments, a permanent skin of UMP-Lively Beast, and an Awakening Shard. To get 100 Kelly’s memory fragments and the Awakening Shard, you play a match in Free Fire. To get the permanent gun skin of UMP-Lively Beast, you have to get Booyah once in the rank mode.

Free Fire Ultimate Sunday Event
Garena Free Fire Ultimate Sunday Event