Along with the release of Shirou, Free Fire's newest character in 2021, Garena has made a brand new set and various other cosmetics... including guns, gloo walls, parachute..etc. However, the best amongst them is probably Shirou's Cobra outfits.


In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the development of this exclusive Legendary Cobra bundle.

1 - About the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle

The new Cobra Rage Bundle is likely to be released tomorrow, February 27, 2021. This outfit would pretty much be in its own class, as the players would get an option to change the colors of each item piece. This is pretty much unprecedented - there haven't been any sets similar to this before. Usually, Garena would sell different color versions of the same set.

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However, players need to actually put work into the game to unlock the colors, as they are not available from the start. The further the player progress in rank, the more colors would be unlocked. It is expected that Platinum would be the limit for unlocking all colors of the set, which is fairly achievable. The method for obtaining this set has not been revealed yet.

2 - What inspired the Cobra Rage Bundle?

According to the developers, Shirou was designed alongside this outfit - it is best fitted to his style. Apparently, the Legendary Cobra is an AI-infused set of clothing (which makes sense, as there is a hologram cobra weaving around the character) that automatically upgrades itself based on the situation.

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The Base set is Red while the highest tier is Blue

The hands of the set look like Naja fangs, which is a species of dangerous snake. The material of the set is called Cobra-Red Nanotech-fabric.

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