Yelan, Genshin Impact's upcoming new character for 2.7 patch, has finally been revealed in the recent beta test leak. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Yelan's Elemental Skill, Burst, Constellations and Talents.

Genshin Impact Leaks Yelan Abilities Talents And M
Yelan's splash art is revealed.

1. Elemental Skill: Lingering Lifeline

If off-field for 5s, she receives a special buff that reduces the charging time for her next charged attack by 80%. Charged attacks deal AoE Hydro damage that scales off HP.

Screenshot 2
Yelan's charged attacks deal AoE Hydro damage.

Upon activation, Yelan rapidly moves and marks enemies in her path. Afterward, the marked enemies get hit with Hydro damage that scales based on her Max HP. For every enemy hit during this sprint, there is a 34% chance for her to gain the aforementioned "special buff" at the end of the sprint.

Screenshot 3
Yelan's special sprint with E pretty much turns her invisible.

Lingering Lifeline also has a hold mode - by holding down E, players would be able to sprint for a longer duration. This is likely used for exploration, as its direction is controllable. Its cooldown is 10 seconds.

2. Elemental Burst: Depth-Clarion Dice

Yelan deals AoE Hydro damage to all targets in the area, then summon an "Exquisite Throw" (similar to Xingqiu's rainswords). This is a special summon that deals additional Hydro DMG that scales off Yelan's Max HP during her Elemental Burst.

Screenshot 5
Yelan's burst deals AOE damage and summons a "dice"

Furthermore, Exquisite Throw also deals Hydro DMG when Yelan uses her Elemental skill. Depth-Clarion Dice has a 7o energy cost and 18 seconds cooldown.

3. Yelan's Talents

  • Increases max HP by 6%/12%/18%/30%, based on the number of characters in the party that are of different elements.
  • When Yelan's burst is active, the on-field character gains extra damage. This DMG buff increases by 3.5% every second, with a maximum limit of 50%.
  • Gains 25% more rewards from Liyue expeditions that last over 20 hours.
Screenshot 4
Yelan unleashing her elemental burst

4. Yelan's Constellations

  • C1: Each opponent marked by Yelan during her Elemental Skill regenerates 7 energy. A maximum of 21 energy can be restored this way.
  • C2: Lingering Lifeline (Elemental Skill) gains one additional charge
  • C4: The summon (Exquisite Throw) of Yelan's Burst deals 30% more damage.
  • C6: When using Burst, significantly buffs Normal Attacks and turns them into the special Charged attacks, which deals 130% of their normal damage.

Similar to the usual Genshin Impact constellations, Yelan's 3rd and 5th constellations upgrade her skill and burst.

5. Fading Twilight Bow

MiHoYo is going to release the Fading Twilight alongside Yelan. It is a 4 star bow with an Energy Recharge substat. It comes with three levels of damage boost that can be triggered every 7 seconds, after hitting an opponent. Apparently, this bow would be given away for free.

Fading Twilight Weapon Leaks
Fading Twilight Bow

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