With Genshin Impact's 2.6 updates on the horizon, miHoYo has decided to give fans a sneak peek about the upcoming 2.7 patch, by revealing Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. They are going to be the main characters of 2.7, the last chapter of the Inazuma storyline. Being a confirmed 5 star, Yelan is going to be the star of 2.7's banner.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the final designs of Yelan, alongside her allegedly leaked skill set.

1. Yelan's design

Yelan is a 5 star Hydro bow user. Her clothing and color scheme actually resemble Kaeya greatly, with a little bit of inspiration from Mona. With Yelan's reveal, it is likely that Ayato's banner is going to underperform, as people would be saving for her instead of pulling on Ayato's banner.

2. Yelan's backstory

So far, fans believe that she is a Liyue character, who is related to the Genshin Impact Chasm storyline. Overall, Yelan is a mysterious character who's likely to be an agent of the government. Apparently, everyone who meets Yelan knows her by a different name and identity, and each of them thinks they can reach a partnership with her.

Yelan Appearance
Yelan's design

However, Yelan has her own agency and is just leading them on. Her involvement in the Chasm storyline is likely to be brief, as she often disappears right before the event ends.

3. Genshin Impact Yelan skillset

Yelan's skillset has been leaked, however, the leaks are in Chinese, which is pretty hard to figure out. Below is the general style of her kit:

  • Yelan is an off-field Hydro debuffer. She is going to be a rival to Xingqiu.
  • Her ability scales on HP, therefore she needs HP substat.
  • She has low personal damage.
  • Feels "uncomfortable to play."
  • Yelan has an Energy Recharge problem that can be resolved by constellations. Apparently, she can even restore the energy for the whole party.
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The appearance of Yelan's bow has also been revealed.

Elemental Skill

Apparently, Yelan's Elemental skill is a self-buff that increases MAX HP and reduces bow charge time. Ascension 1 and 4 talents are also linked with her skill.

Elemental Burst

Most leaks agree that Yelan's burst is an AoE Hydro attack with an RNG mechanic. This is the main reason that she can apply Hydro off-field. Her burst would create either Dices or Cards that deal damage based on the random number generated. Yelan can heal herself by picking the dice up.

With RNG skills being fairly unreliable, it is unlikely that she would be a top-tier character.

Ascension Talents

  • A1 - Yelan's charge attacks now also summon dices, which can trigger AoE Hydro damage on overheal.
  • A4 - HP cap for everybody is raised with Yelan's elemental skill. Furthermore, the buff is increased based on the number of dice you pick up.

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