Masterless Stardust and Masterless Starglitter are special limited currencies that can only be acquired from consuming primogems in Genshin Impact. They can be exchanged in Paimon's shop for various items. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide on how to use them and which items to buy in Paimon's shop.

Masterless Stardust and Starglitter are very limited so players need to be careful when spending them.

1. What is Masterless Stardust and Starglitter

You will receive fifteen Masterless Stardust for every 3 star weapon you get through wishes.

Masterless Starglitter, on the other hand, are rarer. They can only be obtained by pulling from Wish Banners. You get Masterless Starglitter for all 4-Star and 5-Star Weapon pulls and all Character duplicates. The amount you get from Weapon pulls depends on its rarity, while the amount you get from Characters depends on both rarity and Constellation level.

Rarity No. of Times Starglitter Count
4★ 2nd - 7th times 2pcs.
4★ Over 8 times 5pcs.
5★ 2nd - 7th times 10pcs.
5★ Over 8 times 25pcs.

2. How to use Masterless Stardust and Starglitter

Masterless Stardust

The first things you should buy with your Masterless Stardust are Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates. It is vital to save up to at least 750 Masterless Stardust to exchange for all the fates in the shop.

It is vital to clear out the Fates in the shop after every reset.

The second best exchange for Masterless Stardust is Dust of Azoth x10. They are vital if you need to ascend characters, as players can use them to convert Gemstones, Chunks, Fragments, and Slivers into your element of choice. Only buy Dust after you have purchased the maximum amount of Fates for the month.

Dust of Azoth can save players a lot of time.

The rest of the shop is not worth it unless you are a big spender and have too much Stardust in your account.

Masterless Starglitter

Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates are the top choices for exchanging Masterless Starglitter in Genshin Impact. As Starglitter is limited, you might want to exchange for Intertwined Fates only, especially if you have no need for normal banner characters.

Masterless Starglitter shop
The Masterless Starglitter shop usually contains the following items.

The second best exchange for Starglitter is the characters. Each time the shop reset, two new 4 star characters would be available for purchase at the cost of 34 Starglitters each. This is a great way to get the character you want or extra constellations for characters you already have. However, it might be a good idea to just save Starglitter until a good deal appears.

Yun Jin Constellation
4 star characters constellations can be acquired fairly easily over time.

However, if players don't have to get new characters and have already bought out all the fates, it might be a good idea to purchase the weapons. The weapons in the rotation at the time of this post's release are the Blackciff. They are some of the best weapons for F2P players. The rest of the items in the shop are not worth your time.

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