Looks like the Kamisato siblings are going to be the main characters of Genshin Impact 2.6. While Ayato is going to come out during the first banner, Ayaka will be the only character in the second banner of 2.6. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 reasons to pull for Ayaka in Genshin Impact 2.6.

1. Ayaka has a great alternate sprint

Similar to Mona, Ayaka has a special alternate sprint that can actually be used in combat. While sprinting, she can run over water and apply cryo to enemies in the vicinity when it ends. This makes Ayaka the best character in exploration. She can literally travel the ocean like a submarine, never running out of stamina.

Maxresdefault 1
Ayaka is one of the few characters with an alternate sprinting skill.

Furthermore, Ayaka can imbue her weapon with Cryo for five seconds after exiting sprints. This allows her to maintain high damage cryo application constantly. However, players need to be careful, as the use of Charged Attacks and Sprint will need proper stamina management.

2. Great against Electro, Hydro, and Pyro enemies

Ayaka is both a DPS and Cryo Enabler. She can easily apply Cryo with all her abilities.

Ayaka is great against shielded enemies as her abilities all inflict Cryo.

This is why Ayaka is great in handling Abyss Mages and Abyss Heralds' elemental shield. Her alternate sprint comes into use again, allowing players to dispatch the foe quickly by breaking shields.

3. Easy to play and build around

Ayaka is fairly straightforward and simple to play, despite having a unique sprint. Players can easily juggle her in their lineups, as her skills all have a short cast time. The Cryo element also allows Ayaka to build around DPS much easier than others.

Unnamed File 75
The Blizzard Strayer set is perfect for Ayaka - it covers all her weaknesses.

As a Cryo DPS character, Ayaka shines the most when players build her around a mono-cryo or perma-freeze team. She is a decent replacement for Ganyu if you need a melee character.

4. Free-to-Play friendly

Ayaka is a very F2P friendly character. With just the Blizzard Strayer set and Cryo Resonance, players can easily get to max crit rate and only need to focus on getting more crit damage on Ayaka's artifacts.

One of the best weapons for Ayaka is also the free-to-play sword Amenoma Kageuchi, which can be crafted by completing the world quest "The Farmer’s Treasure" in Inazuma.

5. Huge burst potential

Most Ayaka builds focus on her charged attacks and elemental burst to deal damage to enemies. She has one of the highest Cryo damage in the game, with her burst constantly triggering Cryo to all enemies caught in it.

Ayaka Burst
Ayaka's burst deal a lot of damage, which allows players more flexibility.

At level 10, Ayaka's elemental burst does a whopping 202% damage per slash, with a 303% damage AOE explosion at the end. Players can build around her burst using characters like Raiden.

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