Genshin Impact's hardest end-game content is Spiral Abyss, which is a dungeon with 12 floors that resets every 45 days. Clearing out these floors is the easiest way for players to get those valuable primogems. However, Abyss floor 12 is very hard, with properties changing every reset, which requires a solid team to beat consistently.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best Genshin Impact teams to beat Spiral Abyss floor 12.

1. Childe Vaporize team

  • Childe + Kazuha + Bennett + Xiangling

This is one of the more f2p friendly teams on this list, as it requires only one 5 star DPS (Childe) that has been re-run more than once. The main DPS of this lineup comes from Xiangling's Pyronado burst and Childe, who triggers vaporization repeatedly. Players need these two units maxed and geared the best they can.

Genshin Impact Childe
Childe is a unique character with a melee mode.

Kazuha would be the main support/de-buffer with the Venerer set, grouping enemies and reducing their elemental resistance. His elemental mastery boost provides the team with extra damage. Bennett is the main healer and buffer of the team with his Burst.

2. Morgana team

  • Ganyu + Mona + Diona + Venti

Morgana team focuses on permanently freezing enemies while dishing out powerful crits from a Cryo DPS. Players can sub in Ayaka, Kokomi or Kazuha as well. The playstyle is very simple - just debuff enemies with Hydro, freeze them with Cryo then switch to your DPS and begin to attack. Venti is there to crowd control and swirl when needed.

Ganyu Amos Bow
Ganyu freezes enemies with her charged shots.

Cryo resonance and high crit allow players to demolish their foes super fast even on floor 12, as long as they have maxed their Cryo DPS (Ganyu/Ayaka).

3. Hu Tao + Double Geo

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Albedo + Zhongli

Hu Tao vaporize comp with Zhongli has always been one of the best teams ever created in Genshin, fusing the insane damage from Hu Tao with Zhongli's protection. Hu Tao's vaporize combo with Xingqiu allows players to deal huge damage consistently, especially when she's lower than 50% HP.

Hu Tao Elemental Burst
Hu Tao's crazy Pyro DPS is the core of many lineups.

Zhongli's sturdy shield allow Hu Tao players to keep their HP low without problems. Albedo provides Geo resonance and some extra off-field damage - players can replace him with a Pyro character such as Bennett for Pyro resonance.

4. Electro-Charged (taser) team

  • Beidou + Kokomi + Fischl + Kazuha

Taser teams are some of the most f2p friendly lineups for Spiral Abyss 2.5. There are a lot of variants for this team, with players being able to mix and match as long as they have the characters geared and leveled.

Genshin Impact Fischl And Oz
Fischl And Oz

The general format for a taser team is 2 electro, 1 hydro and 1 Anemo support. The playstyle of this team involves casting elemental skill and burst before switching to other characters. Many characters can be part of a Taser team, including Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, Mona... etc.

5. Raiden National team

  • Raiden + Xiangling + Xingqiu + Bennett

Raiden is probably the best Archon released to date, with the ability to perform great in every role. Her team is currently the most used lineup in the first half of floor 12. This is also one of the easiest teams to build, with the currently running banner being Raiden.

Raiden is one of the strongest characters in the game.

The damage of this team mainly comes from Xiangling's Pyronado spam and Xingqiu's rain swords, which trigger Vaporize repeatedly. Raiden is there to provide buffs to the whole team's burst and allow them to spam. Bennett is the main healer + support of the team with heal and ATK buff.

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