Kamisato Ayaka is going to come back in Genshin Impact update 2.6 along with the release of her brother Ayato. Officially, she will make a return in the second half banner.

Ayaka is mostly known as a DPS thanks to her insane multiplying elemental bursts and skills. Apart from being the team’s main damage dealer, she is not too flexible with other roles. In order to maximize her potential and survivability on the battlefield, you need to know who is the best support for Ayaka.

To help you set up Ayaka best team comp, take a look at the top 5 best Ayaka supports below.

Best Ayaka Supporter
While Ayaka plays the DPS role, who should be her support?

5. Diona

One of the best supports for Ayaka is the little and witty Mondstadt bartender, Diona. She can be a viable healer who can offer the teammates an extremely strong shield, especially when you equip her with Sacrificial Bow.

It is also not hard to build Diona as her healing and shield damage absorption both scale off her HP.

Ayaka Diona
Diona has many underrated potentials that make her the best support for Ayaka.

In fact, players may also build her for damage in a mono Cryo team with Shenhe and Ayaka. As Diona has a great blend with all of these units, she can totally contribute to boosting the whole team Cryo damage buff with Shenhe’s Quills.

Players can focus on ATK%/Cryo DMG Bonus/Crit main stats on the artifact sets in Genshin Impact for a damage build in a mono Cryo team.

4. Shenhe

For those who wonder “Are Ayaka and Shenhe good together?”, Shenhe started being called the best support for Ayaka right after her introduction into Genshin Impact.

While other characters are usually paired with Ayaka for better battery, Shenhe can offer buffs to Ayaka while also contributing a decent energy amount.

ayaka shenhe team comp
Ayaka Shenhe team comp will make all enemies shiver.

For the unknown, Kamisato Ayaka can trigger Shenhe’s Icy Quills which nicely scale with Ayaka on the field. Moreover, Shenhe’s elemental burst can decrease the enemies’ resistance to Physical and Cryo attacks.

Notably, one of Shenhe’s passive talents can provide a 15% Cryo damage buff to characters who are inside the zone of her elemental burst. This may secure Shenhe’s rank in the list of best passive talents in Genshin Impact as well as the best pick for Ayaka freeze team.

3. Mona

The next best support for Ayaka is Mona. She is also an ideal character in freeze teams that consist of Ayaka. You can use this sorceress as a buffer for the Kamisato princess’s burst DMG. Mona may also utilize her omen debuff generating from her burst to get this.

Genshin Impact Mona
You can't exclude Mona from Ayaka freeze team.

As you will need her bursts for every rotation, Mona’s build, including weapon and artifact set choices, should focus on energy recharge stats.

This character can also fulfill the Hydro applicator role with her elemental skills. This move can be deemed as blunt attacks and it does not free frozen opponents, either.

2. Kazuha

Kazuha is absolutely the top option to pair with Ayaka thanks to his outstanding skills. He and Venti are both Anemo killers and are usually compared regarding their skills. In fact, they are both good to use in Ayaka best team comp.

However, Kaedehara Kazuha is better at grouping thanks to his elemental skill. Venti is actually a bit more reliant on grouping.

Kazuha Ayaka
Kazuha for sure is a 10 for your Ayaka best team comp.

What does this mean? It’s that when faced against single targets and ungroupable opponents, Venti can lose some of his utility. Kazuha, on another hand, can contribute more to the team’s DPS on the whole with his debuffs, buffs, and unswerving damage from his elemental burst.

Moreover, Kazuha is combined harmoniously with characters that are usually paired with Ayaka like Diona, Shenhe.You can easily get 9 stars in Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with this team composition.

His passive talent lets Kazuha offer his team an Elemental DMG bonus once he generates Swirl reactions.

1. Kokomi

Kokomi is a premium support character that works extremely well with Ayaka. Her hydro application can be considered better than both Xingqiu and Mona when paired with Ayaka.

The best support for Ayaka is considered to be Kokomi. She is also the premium support character who is involved in the grandest battles.

Ayaka Kokomi

In detail, Kokomi’s skill duration can complement the rotations of Ayaka. Also, it has a great radius that matches Ayaka’s Cryo attacks, creating a powerful blend.

It is ideal to entirely build Sangonomiya Kokomi for support. You can use her with a 4-piece Tenacity of Milelith and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. Both of these items are accessible which means it’s easy for you to build the Kokomi with not too expensive investment.

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