Alhaitham is a Dendro Sword user, and a member of the Haravatat of the Sumeru Akademiya and the Akademiya's Scribe, responsible for documenting their findings and drafting ordinances. He is going to debut in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.4 patch, the very first patch of 2023.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything to know about Genshin Impact Alhaitham abilities, constellations and ascension materials.

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Alhaitham in Genshin Impact 3.4

1. Genshin Impact 3.4 Alhaitham Talents

Alhaitham's Ascension Stat is Dendro Damage - he is going to be an on-field Dendro main DPS.

Normal Attack: Sword of Hetuvidya

  • Normal Attack- Performs up to 5 rapid strikes.
  • Charged Attack- Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.
  • Plunging Attack- Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill - Universality: An Elaboration on Form

Tap: Rushes forward, dealing Dendro DMG to nearby opponents when the rush ends, causing a Chisel-Light Mirror to form. Damage scale based on Elemental Mastery.

Hold: Enters Aiming Mode to adjust the direction of Alhaitham’s rush attack.

Chisel-Light Mirror

When this skill is unleashed, Alhaitham will generate 1 Chisel-Light Mirror. If there are no Mirrors at this time, he will generate 1 additional Mirror. Chisel-Light Mirrors will have the following properties.

  • When he possesses Chisel-Light Mirrors, Alhaitham’s Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks will be converted to Dendro DMG. This cannot be overridden.
  • When attacks of the aforementioned kind hit opponents, the Chisel-Light Mirrors will unleash a Projection Attack that deals AoE Dendro DMG based on the number of Mirrors on the field.
  • A total of 3 Chisel-Light Mirrors can exist at once.
  • The Chisel-Light Mirrors will disappear one after the other over time, and will all disappear when Alhaitham leaves the field.

CD - 18s

Elemental Burst - Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena

Creates a Particular Binding Field and deals multiple instances of AoE Dendro DMG. If Chisel-Light Mirrors exist when this ability is unleashed, all such Mirrors will be consumed and increase the number of DMG instances dealt.

2s after this ability is unleashed, if 0/1/2/3 Mirrors were consumed, Alhaitham will generate 3/2/1/0 new Mirrors in turn.

CD- 18s

Energy Cost- 70

Alhaitham vs Cyno

2. Genshin Impact 3.4 Alhaitham Passives

Ascension Passive 1 - Four-Causal Correction

When Alhaitham’s Charged and Plunging Attacks hit opponents, they will create 1 Chisel-Light Mirror. This effect can be triggered once every 12s.

Ascension Passive 2 - Mysteries Laid Bare

Each point of Alhaitham’s Elemental Mastery will increase the DMG dealt by Projection Attacks and Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena by 0.1%.

Utility Passive

When Alhaitham crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, he has a 10% chance to receive double the product.

3. Genshin Impact 3.4 Alhaitham Constellations

C1 Intuition When the rush attack of Universality: An Elaboration on Form hits opponents, a special Projection Attack will be launched that deals 360% of Alhaitham’s ATK + 720% of his Elemental Mastery as AoE Dendro DMG. This is considered Elemental Skill DMG and can be triggered once every 12s.
C2 Debate When a Projection Attack hits an opponent, Universality: An Elaboration on Form‘s CD is decreased by 1s. This effect can be triggered once every 1s.
C3 Negation Increases the Level of Universality: An Elaboration on Form by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 Elucidation When Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena is unleashed, the following effects will become active based on the number of Chisel-Light Mirrors consumed and created this time around:

  • Each Mirror consumed will increase the Elemental Mastery of all your other party members by 30 for 15s.
  • Each Mirror generated will grant Alhaitham a 10% Dendro DMG Bonus for 15s.
C5 Sagacity Increases the Level of Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6 Validity If Alhaitham creates a Chisel-Light Mirror when their numbers have already maxed out, then each excess Chisel-Light Mirror will increase his CRIT Rate by 10% and CRIT DMG by 70% for 6s. If this effect is triggered again during its initial duration, the duration of the buff will increase by 6s.
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Alhaitham character model

4. Alhaitham Ascension Materials

Ascension Phase Stone Boss
Phase 1 Nagadus Emerald Sliver x1 Sand Grease Pupa x3 Faded Red Satin x3 20000
Phase 2 Nagadus Emerald Fragment x3 Pseudo-Stamens x2 Sand Grease Pupa x10 Faded Red Satin x15 40000
Phase 3 Nagadus Emerald Fragment x6 Pseudo-Stamens x4 Sand Grease Pupa x20 Trimmed Red Silk x12 60000
Phase 4 Nagadus Emerald Chunk x3 Pseudo-Stamens x8 Sand Grease Pupa x30 Trimmed Red Silk x18 80000
Phase 5 Nagadus Emerald Chunk x6 Pseudo-Stamens x12 Sand Grease Pupa x45 Rich Red Brocade x12 100000
Phase 6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstone x6 Pseudo-Stamens x20 Sand Grease Pupa x60 Rich Red Brocade x24 120000

5. Alhaitham Talent Materials

Level Up
Mora Special
Teachings of Ingenuity x3 Faded Red Satin x6 12500
Guide to Ingenuity x2 Trimmed Red Silk x3 17500
Guide to Ingenuity x4 Trimmed Red Silk x4 25000
Guide to Ingenuity x6 Trimmed Red Silk x6 30000
Guide to Ingenuity x9 Trimmed Red Silk x9 37500
Philosophies of Ingenuity x4 Rich Red Brocade x4 Mirror of Mushin x1 120000
Philosophies of Ingenuity x6 Rich Red Brocade x6 Mirror of Mushin x1 260000
Philosophies of Ingenuity x12 Rich Red Brocade x9 Mirror of Mushin x2 450000
Philosophies of Ingenuity x16 Rich Red Brocade x12 Mirror of Mushin x2 700000 Crown of Insight x1

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