With the 3.3 patch coming out next week, Genshin Impact's beta test for 3.4 has finally begun. With its arrival, numerous leaks for 3.4, including its banner, are coming out from various sources. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available so far about Genshin 3.4 banners, including new and rerun characters.

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3.4 patch

New character Alhaitham

One of the most anticipated characters in Sumeru, Alhaitham, is finally going to come out in 3.4. Based on recent leaks, he is going to be a Dendro sword user, with the DPS role. With Tighnari being the only Dendro DPS in the game so far, the addition of Alhaitham would definitely open up a lot of potential team comps. He is also going to be the first melee Dendro DPS.

Alhaitham And Dehya
Alhaitham And Dehya

Apparently, Alhaitham's kit will focus on the Spread reaction. The reason fans have been hyping Alhaitham so much is because of his fight against Cyno in a recent trailer.

Alhaitham Elemental Skill

Fans who are planning to pull for Alhaitham will definitely want to check out these early leaks. As we already have plenty of Dendro support with the Archon, Yaoyao, Traveler, Collei... it is highly likely that Aihaitham will be a Dendro DPS.

Alhaitham's skill is the most detailed leak, with a lot of information available. Apparently, it is yet another Dendro construct summon, with Alhaitham throwing a Forlorn Lotus onto the battlefield. Players can hold his skill to manually aim the lotus.

After releasing the lotus, Alhaitham will enter the Forlorn Lotus Mode where his normal attacks mark enemies. The effects of these marks are unknown.

Apparently, his weapon type also changes to "RuneWeapon" upon activation. This might refer to an unique weapon (like that of Raiden Shogun) or a Dendro elemental infusion.

Alhaitham Elemental Burst

Alhaitham's Elemental Burst releases some kind of Dendro fog onto the battlefield. It synergizes with his Forlorn Lotus ability, giving both the construct and Alhaitham bonus damage. Additionally, the Lotus also gains some more durability... however, it is unknown if the construct is a turret (like Yae Miko) or a Taunt (like Itto's Ushi).

New character Yaoyao

It is finally Yaoyao's turn. She has been memed for quite a while for not getting added to the game, despite being revealed fairly early on back in the original beta 2 years ago.

Yaoyao In The Forest
Yaoyao is likely to use a catalyst.

According to one of the most credible leakers in the community, Project Celestia, Yaoyao will be a new Dendro healer. The leaker has revealed that Yaoyao's elemental skill and burst will apparently both have the ability to place objects on the field and provide different healing effects.

She will be the first Dendro healer and will be useful in bloom teams in order to negate bloom self-damage. Yaoyao would be the final addition to the Nilou + Nahida team, which needs a Dendro healer.

Hu Tao rerun

Hu Tao is one of the deadliest DPS characters in Genshin Impact, and she has yet to be power creeped in 3.4. Her ability to deal higher damage when at low HP allows players to dish out impressive Melt/Vaporize damage. Hu Tao has been staying off the banners for quite a while now.

She is going to have a rerun banner in 3.4, and it is likely that her signature weapon, the Staff of Homa, is also going to be rerun. Players who are running Polearm characters might want to pull in this banner.

Hu Tao Homa
Hu Tao and the Staff of Homa.

Expected characters to rerun in Genshin Impact 3.4 banners

After tons of statistical analysis, credible sources have come up with a list of characters most likely to get a rerun in upcoming banners. Below are all the 5-star reruns players can expect to see in the following patch update:

  • Shenhe
  • Ayaka
  • Xiao

Yelan used to be on the list, but another leak has refuted this. Additionally, the upcoming patch will also host the Lantern Rites event, making Xiao and Shenhe reruns very possible. As Ayaka is going to get a new outfit in 3.4, her rerun is highly likely.

Alongside these reruns, players can also expect their signature weapons to come back as well.

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