Kirara, the newest addition to Genshin Impact's Dendro user roster, makes her debut in the version 3.7 update. With her unique abilities, she offers both shielding and burst-DPS support properties. An interesting aspect of Kirara is her ability to transform herself when her Elemental Skill is held, enhancing her climbing and movement speed and providing a fresh approach to exploration and travel. This alone makes her an excellent teammate, but there's more to her than meets the eye.

Genshin Impact Kirara Team Composition Guide
Kirara Team Comps Guide

Overall, Kirara becomes even more valuable as a support character with additional constellations. She significantly improves team functionality and can be a valuable addition to various team compositions in Genshin Impact. While she doesn't require the entire team to be built around her, fans of Kirara can easily incorporate her into their teams, particularly as a support character.

However, it's not recommended to build her solely as a spread DPS character, as it limits her versatility and optimization potential. Instead, players can rely on her as a well-rounded support character with a primary focus on shielding, making her an excellent companion for characters like Nilou, Alhaitham, Raiden Shogun, and others. Typically, she fits well into team compositions that feature a main DPS and sub-DPS, and while having a healer can be helpful, it's not necessary.

1. Kirara + Ayato + Xiangling + Kuki Shinobu

  • Kirara : Shielder, Burst-Support, Dendro Enabler
  • Ayato : Main-DPS, Hydro Enabler
  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS, Pyro Enabler
  • Kuki Shinobu: Healer, Electro Enabler

For players who want to primarily utilize Kirara without a specific focus on elemental reactions and aim for a well-rounded team that doesn't heavily rely on strong Dendro application, they can prioritize this versatile team composition. This composition incorporates a diverse range of elements, enabling the triggering of elemental reactions like Burgeon, Hyperbloom, Vaporize, and Overload.

Genshin Impact Kirara Ayato Xiangling Kuki Shinobu
Kirara + Ayato + Xiangling + Kuki Shinobu

It offers the flexibility to swap characters based on the player's available options, such as using Bennett instead of Xiangling or Raiden Shogun instead of Kuki Shinobu. By adopting this approach, players can create a team that aligns with their preferred play style, featuring their favorite characters in a balanced composition that covers various party roles and proves effective for challenging content.

2. Kirara + Kaveh + Kazuha + Yelan

  • Kirara : Shielder, Burst-Support, Dendro Enabler
  • Kaveh : Main-DPS, Dendro Enabler
  • Kazuha: Buffer, De-buffer, Crowd Control, Elemental driver
  • Yelan: Sub-DPS, Hydro Enabler

Players who lack access to Nilou but still want to make use of Kaveh for bloom reactions can still benefit from including Kirara in their team, alongside other party members like Kazuha and Yelan. Unlike Nilou, Kaveh doesn't have the same strict requirement for a specific elemental combination, allowing for more flexibility in team composition.

Genshin Impact Kirara Kaveh Kazuha Yelan
Kirara + Kaveh + Kazuha + Yelan

Kirara can synergize effectively with Kaveh by providing additional Dendro application and shielding abilities, even though Kaveh himself doesn't necessarily demand a highly defensive playstyle due to his self-healing potential. Working together with Yelan, they can easily generate Dendro cores and further enhance the team's damage output. Additionally, Kazuha's ability to buff allies, debuff enemies, and pull enemies and Dendro cores can greatly assist Kaveh's area-of-effect capabilities.

3. Kirara + Nilou + Nahida + Xingqiu

  • Kirara : Shielder, Burst-Support, Dendro Enabler
  • Nilou : Sub-DPS, Hydro Enabler
  • Nahida: Sub-DPS, Dendro Enabler
  • Xingqiu: Sub-DPS, Hydro Enabler

As a Dendro character, Kirara is an appropriate companion for Nilou, who requires a specific team composition featuring Hydro and Dendro characters to activate Bountiful Dendro cores. Even without any constellations, Kirara can still be valuable in this team setup due to her shielding abilities, which complement Xingqiu's role as a Hydro enabler while providing additional damage reduction and limited healing.

Genshin Impact Kirara Nilou Nahida Xingqiu
Kirara + Nilou + Nahida + Xingqiu

Furthermore, Kirara's fourth constellation enhances the team's Dendro application, ensuring more consistent generation of Dendro cores. Her sixth constellation boosts elemental damage application, further increasing the overall damage potential of the team. Alternatively, players may opt to have Nahida as the primary character on the field, utilizing her auto-attacks to maintain a consistent Dendro application, particularly when dealing with multiple waves of enemies in challenges like Spiral Abyss or specific in-game events.

4. Kirara + Raiden Shogun + Nahida + Kokomi

  • Kirara : Shielder, Burst-Support, Dendro Enabler
  • Raiden Shogun : Sub-DPS, Electro Enabler
  • Nahida: Sub-DPS, Dendro Enabler
  • Kokomi: Healer, Hydro Enabler

Players who have an interest in a hyperbloom team and enjoy swiftly switching between characters without relying solely on one DPS may find this composition appealing. Each character in this lineup can benefit effectively during their time on the field without disruption when they are not actively engaged. As a result, players can consistently generate Dendro cores with the assistance of Kokomi, Nahida, and Kirara, and effortlessly utilize Raiden Shogun to trigger explosive reactions with these cores.

Genshin Impact Kirara Raiden Shogun Nahida Kokomi
Kirara + Raiden Shogun + Nahida + Kokomi

Kirara's shielding ability proves particularly useful in this scenario as the Dendro core explosion can potentially harm the active character, and Kirara can mitigate excessive damage. If desired, players can also consider incorporating another Hydro character like Yelan or Xingqiu to apply Hydro status to enemies.

5. Kirara + Yae Miko + Alhaitham + Kuki Shinobu

  • Kirara : Shielder, Burst-Support, Dendro Enabler
  • Yae Miko : Sub-DPS, Electro Enabler
  • Alhaitham: Main DPS, Dendro Enabler
  • Kuki Shinobu: Healer, Electro Enabler

The main objective of this team is to maximize the effectiveness of reactions by incorporating two Dendro and two Electro characters with consistent application. While Alhaitham serves as a focused DPS character who needs to remain on the field for the majority of the battle, fortunately, Yae Miko, Kuki Shinobu, and Kirara have straightforward skills with long durations while off the field. This allows Alhaitham to concentrate on dealing damage without frequent interruptions.

Genshin Impact Kirara Alhaitham Yae Miko Kuki Shin
Kirara + Yae Miko + Alhaitham + Kuki Shinobu

Considering that Kirara is being introduced alongside Yae Miko and Yoimiya as the featured 5-star characters in her banner, players have the opportunity to obtain Yae Miko and test them out together. Alternatively, players can choose to use Fischl as the sub-DPS instead of Yae Miko and incorporate Raiden Shogun instead of Kuki Shinobu, provided that Kirara is built effectively to provide strong shields and the team does not require a dedicated healer.

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