Sumeru is the new region in Genshin Impact 3.0, and similar to all regions before it, the country is large and has multiple new hidden world quests. To check for hidden quests you haven't started yet, try talking to Effendi in Sumeru City. The NPC is the one who takes care of Travelers' Sumeru Reputation and also notes down how many quests they have done.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 hidden quests in Sumeru players might have missed. They all have no defined start line, and players need to find the quests themselves.

1. Courage is in the Heart

Courage is in the Heart is a hidden World Quest in Sumeru. It is launched by getting near treasure location #4 from Aranyaka book Mysterious Clipboard (unlocked after the Static Views quest).

Aranyaka Mysterious Clipboard 4

To start this quest, just teleport to the waypoint between The Palace of Alcazarzaray and Mawtiyima Forest. Then head west until you reach a small hut.

2. Even Beasts Stumble

Even Beasts Stumble is a World Quest in Sumeru, where players need to help Elber defeat the enemies surrounding him in the Yasna Monument.

Genshin Impact Even Beast Stumble Guide

To start the quest, just head to the starting location along the road in Yasna Monument. After that, there will be a few other tasks such as finding all the lost Sumpter beasts but they are all fortunately marked on the world map.

3. Where are the Fierce Creatures?

Where Are the Fierce Creatures? is a hidden World Quest in Sumeru. There is no quest log in the Quest window, making this seem more like a Hidden Exploration Objective. However, Sumeru's Reputation system classified it as a World Quest.


To start this quest, players need to talk to Santon (initially labeled as "???"), who is located south of the Palace of Alcazarzaray. The objective here is to defeat three overgrown beasts in Sumeru.

4. The Foolish Fatuus

The Foolish Fatuus is a World Quest that is unlocked by completing all 8 Strange Energy Extraction Device puzzles in Eremite camps.

Before you can interact with an Energy Extraction Device, you must look for control keys within the Eremite Camp. Leaving the vicinity will fail the challenge and return the keys to their original positions. After getting all the Control Keys, go back to the Extraction Device and start the deactivation. While trying to shut down the Extraction Device, enemies will appear and halt the process.

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To start the quest, approach the Eremite camp southwest of Yasna Monument. (On the World Map, it appears as a small green circle next to a cliff.)

5. A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird

A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird is a World Quest that occurs in Sumeru. To start the quest, the player has to kill a Shroomboar with two other Shroomboars surrounding a Sweet Flower on the hill north of the Ruins of Dahri and east to Caravan Ribat the Teleport Waypoint.

Short Encounter With A Rare Bird Genshin Impact Du

Only after that will a blue exclamation mark appear on the map nearby and the quest will be available.

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