It's been a long time since we last joined a festival in Mondstadt. But miHoYo will introduce a Mondstadt festival and the designs of two new characters - Mika and Kaveh in the Genshin Update 3.1. Check out some information about them.

Mondstadt Festival Genshin 3.1

There may be a new Mondstadt festival in Springvale named Weinlesefest according to a recent leak. The Traveler will follow some local characters in Mondstadt to explore the nation and take part in the event. This upcoming event will have many interesting activities, such as:

  • Catch some creatures in Mondstadt, such as boar;
  • Mob camp trails like Moonchase festival event;
  • Store simulator
  • Scavenger hunt

Players can earn 680 Primogems from these event games and a lot of valuable rewards, including a free Polearm named Missive Windspear that you can refine to maximize its power. The statistics of this weapon are very good for the main DPS and physical DMG dealers in your team.

Festival In Mondstadt
There will be a Festival in Mondstadt with lots of fun and rewards.

As leaked, this festival is related to the storyline of Mondstadt and some featured aspects of this nation, especially wine. Besides, the lore of Razor will be unveiled partially in Genshin Update 3.1 to please some players, such as his fans.

Mika & Kaveh Leaked Designs

Mika and Kaveh are two new events in Mondstadt. Players and fans also expect that Mika will appear in the Weinlesefest festival in Genshin Impact 3.1. As leaked, Mika is a new Cryo character who uses the polearm on the battleground.

Design Of Mika
The design of Mika as well as some details about him is also leaked.

Mika Leaks

As seen in the fanart of Genshin Impact Mika, this male character wears a long blue coat, a pair of shorts, a pair of gloves, and a pair of boots. He has a young face with a pair of puppy eyes and short blonde curly hair. Besides, his fanart also revealed his Cryo Vision.

He may appear as an NPC in the Mondstadt festival because there is no leak about his banner in the next update. But Mika is likely to become a playable character in the future.

Mika Information
Mika would be a Cryo character who may be released as a playable character in the future.

Kaveh Leaks

Kaveh is a totally new character in the story of Teyvat. He has not appeared in the game up to now. But there are some arts about him by fans or leakers which is pretty trustworthy. From the outfit of this character, he's likely to come from Sumeru.

Moreover, unlike Mika, Kaveh is pretty high and slim. His body shape is pretty similar to that of Ayato. Besides, there is some information that the Palace of Alcazarzaray was built by Kaveh.

Kaveh Information Leaks
According to the latest leaks, Kaveh built the famous Palace of Alcazarzaray in Sumeru.

These two characters won't come to Genshin Update 3.1 as playable characters. But their appearance in this game can make fans go nuts.

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