Fabulous Fungus Frenzy is the biggest event in Genshin Impact 3.2. It rewards players with a lot of Primogems and a free 4-star Electro character from Sumeru - Dori. Check out how to get this free character as well as all Primogems from this event here.

I. Eligibility & Gameplay

Fabulous Fungus Frenzy starts today. It takes place from November 10th to November 28th, 2022. To reach AR 30 and complete the archon quest "A New Star Approaches". Then, you can start to participate in three phases of the event.

Genshin Impact New Event
Check out the new event now.

Each phase has many funny and interesting mini-games and tasks for players to have fun.

#1. Fungus Capture

In the Fungus Capture game, players have to capture Fungi in designated areas. Each participant will receive a Wisdom Orb before starting the game which functions like the Omni-Ubiquity Net. As it works like this net, most players know how to use it.

  • Activate the orb;
  • Aim at the fungi;
  • Take a look at the progress bar at the top of your screen;
  • Hold until the bar is full to capture it successfully.
  • Name the fungi.
Go To Capture Fungi
Go to capture fungi.

#2. Coruscating Potential

Floral Jelly puzzle solving is the main activity in Coruscating Potential event. You will interact with nine lovely jellies and complete these puzzles to boost your Fungi's ability. Move groups of jellies clockwise or counterclockwise, switch them, copy, or preset jellies according to guidelines on the screen to match the given design on the left.

Floral Jelly Puzzle
Solve Floral Jelly puzzles.

#3. Special Training

After completing jelly puzzles, participants can take special training challenges. There are two modes for players to join, including:

  • Coordinated Assault: use boosted fungi to counter and defeat enemies;
  • Zone Defense: defend the monolith in the center by defeating enemies and preventing them from destroying them.

To win these combat challenges, players should understand the abilities of all Fungi in this event. There are five groups of Fungi based on their elements.

  • Hydro Fungi: healing & dealing Hydro DMG;
  • Cryo Fungi: dealing Cryo DMG by firing icicles;
  • Geo Fungi: dealing Physical DMG & removing Geo shield;
  • Electro Fungi: buffing ATK;
  • Anemo Fungi: dealing Anemo DMG;
  • Pyro Fungi: burn enemies and deal Pyro DMG.

Besides, these Fungi are also classified by whirling, floating, and stretchy variations.

Special Training
Use Fungi in Special Training challenges.

II. How To Get Free Dori

After winning Fabulous Fungus Frenzy tasks and mini-games, players will receive Mushroom Currency and Fungus Medals. You have to get 1000 tokens of each type to redeem for Dori and get this character for free.

Besides, the Nilotpala Cup Tournament Stage furnishing blueprint is another special reward from this event. Genshin Impact players can use this Tournament Stage and Wisdom Orb Model obtained from this event to decorate their Teapot Realm. In addition, you also earn tons of Primogems and materials during this event.

Collect Tokens And Get A Free Dori
Collect tokens to get a free Dori and tons of valuable rewards. 

More than that, you will have a really exciting adventure in Genshin Impact with this amazing event.

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