Leaker YelanLover has just released a screenshot revealing the design of all 7 upcoming characters in Sumeru. This is the biggest Genshin Impact leak ever released to date. Several of these characters have already had their models leaked, while others  (such as Dehya and Nilou) have not been seen before. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available so far about the 7 upcoming Sumeru characters.

All 7 Upcoming Sumeru Characters

Here are the names of the 7 characters in the above image, from left to right: Tighnari, Collei, Dehya, Al-Haitham, Nilou, Dori, Kusanali.

1. Tighnari

The first Sumeru character on the list is Tighnari. He is a 5-star Dendro bow user and is the first 5 star character to be available in the 3.0 patch, alongside Collei and Dori. Using the teenage male model, he is fairly short, with pretty much the same height as Collei.

Tighnari's kit is geared toward DPS.

Tighnari's kit has already been revealed in a previous leak. Similar to Ganyu, Tighnari's charged attacks are also going to have 2 levels. Level 1 will release a Dendro-infused arrow similar to the other bow users and level 2 would summon 4 more homing arrows to deal AoE Dendro DMG.

Below is a summary of his leaked skills and talents so far:

  • Elemental Skill: Tighnari throw an object that deals AoE Dendro DMG to enemies. It also creates a special field where enemies will enter a state of "Chaos". Tighnari's level 2 charged attacks time gets reduced during the duration of this skill or after he fires three charged attacks.
  • Elemental Burst: Tighnari will fire a number of homing arrows that deal Dendro damage at nearby enemies. Upon hit, they split into additional arrows that deal even more Dendro damage.
  • Passive: Display the location of all nearby resources on the Sumeru mini-map.

2. Collei

Collei was a character who originally appeared in the official manga. She departs for Sumeru by the end of her arc. Many players speculate that she would become playable, and it turns out to be the truth, after leaks revealing her in-game model and splash art.

Genshin Impact Collei
Collei's appearance in the manga.

It is pretty weird that her companion, Cyno, is not in the leak. He was supposed to be a character in the Sumeru arc.  Collei is going to be a 4-star Dendro bow user, working under Tighnari.

Collei's in-game splash art.

Her kit has already been revealed in a previous leak:

  • Elemental Skill: Throw a boomerang that deals Dendro DMG. It can hit targets twice, on both release and return.
  • Elemental Burst: Summon a mechanical cat that explodes and deals AoE Dendro DMG. After exploding, the cat remains on the field, dealing even more AoE Dendro DMG.
  • Passive: Decreases stamina consumption for the whole party by 20% when gliding.

3. Dehya

Dehya hasn't gotten too many leaks until this one. Previously, Genshin Impact players only know that she is a tall, tanned woman who has Pyro vision and cat ears. This fits the leaked model next to Collei to a T. Additionally, players also know that her weapon of choice is claymore, however, her rarity has not been revealed.

4. Al-Haitham

Al-Haitham was previously known as the "Su-like character" in the previous leaks. He is a 5-star Dendro user and looks the most dignified out of all the leaked characters. It is expected that Al-Haitham would play a big role in the story.

These new leaks show off several different angles of his design.

His weapon is not revealed so far, but it is unlikely to be a bow as the other 5-star Dendro Tighnari already uses a bow.

5. Nilou

Previous leaks have revealed that Nilou is a redhead, has horns like Azhdaha and use Hydro. This fits the new leaked model perfectly. Healing is not going to be her main role, as Nilou's kit is going to revolve around the Dendro + Hydro reactions. It is unclear which weapon she is going to use.

Another leaker claimed that she would be released around the time Cyno becomes playable. This means there's still hope for Cyno to get released in Sumeru.

6. Dori

Dori is a 4-star Electro Claymore user who is going to debut in Genshin Impact 3.0. Like the other leaked Sumeru characters, her skills have also been revealed:

  • Elemental Skill: Dori summons a turret that deals Electro damage on attacks. When a hit connects, the turret will generate more shots that track nearby enemies and deal extra Electro DMG.
  • Elemental Burst: Summons a "Spirit of Lamps" that heals the active character and regenerates their energy. Additionally, as long as the active character is connected to the spirit, it will deal Electro DMG to enemies.
  • Passive: Dori has a 25% chance to refund any character and weapons ascension materials during crafting.

Overall, she is an Electro support who can heal and serve as a battery. This is likely to be useful in combination with Dendro.

7. Kusanali

The Dendro Archon Kusanali is going to be a very important character in Sumeru. She is definitely going to be the most powerful character in the arc, similar to all the other archons (outside of Venti). Many players have been voicing their displeasure with her design because they did not expect her to have pale skin.

Nonetheless, this leaked model matches the description of the earlier Sumeru leaks referencing her design. It is just a bit non-human, with Kusanali having pointy ears, similar to Klee.

Fwbhh Euiaekpxe
Kusanali is going to be a must-have character in Genshin.

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