Genshin Impact Starconch is a local specialty in Liyue. You can only find it in certain places in this nation. Players need to collect Starconch to ascend Childe and Yelan. Here are the best locations to find and purchase this material.

What Is Genshin Impact Starconch

Starconch is a local material in Liyue. It looks like a round blue shell with some light-colored lines which only spawn on sandy beaches. This shell sparkles when you approach it.

Starconch Genshin Impact
Starconch is a local collectible item on sandy beaches and banks in Liyue and Dragonspine.

These empty shells are brought to the beach by tides. You can hear the call of the ocean and wind when putting the shell near your ear. And players need this material to ascend two Hydro characters in Liyue.

Genshin Impact Starconch Locations

There are many locations of Starconch in Genshin Impact Liyue where you can pick up dozens of shells per trip. But sometimes, these shells also appear separately in the wild. Here are three main locations in Liyue players can find this material.

  • Yaoguang Shoal

Yaoguang Shoal has a long beautiful sandy beach in the east of Liyue. You can start from the teleport waypoint in the northwest of this shoal. It's near the broken bridge. Then, glide and head south, then go along the beach to collect 27 Starconches. Be careful of enemies around this location.

Genshin Impact Starconch Yaoguang Starconch Locati
All Starconch locations in Yaoguang Shoal.

While traversing the beach, you can catch some crabs which are also exclusive in sandy areas in Teyvat. Interact with them quickly to catch the crabs and cook some food. But you may also encounter a Fatui Electro Cicin Mage and a Fatui Pyro Agent here.

  • Guyun Stone Forest

You can find an archipelago in the east of Liyue harbor. The long sandy beach around these islands has 23 Starconches. They are scattered around this archipelago. You can use the Domain or teleport waypoint in Guyun Stone Forest to arrive in this archipelago quickly and begin your trip from the westmost point.

Guyun Stone Forest Starconch Locations Genshin Imp
Guyun Stone Forest is another place to collect a lot of Starconchs in Liyue.

You may encounter some enemies in this Starconch farming route, such as Whooper Flowers, Fatui Electro Cicin Mage, Fatui Pyro Agent, etc. You can engage in combat or evade quickly with the special movement ability of Ayaka and Mona.

  • Guili Plains

The long beautiful sandy beach in the southeast of Guili Plains is also one of the best places to collect Starconches. From the Yaoguang Shoal, you head south or use the teleport waypoint on ruins in Guili Plains which is pretty near the sea to start your farming trip. There are 19 items.

Guili Plains Starconch Locations Genshin Impact
Go along the sandy beach in Guili Plains and pick up dozens of empty shells.

Yanfei and Qiqi are the two best characters to use when going to collect Starconches. Their passive talents help them locate all nearby specialties of Liyue, including Starconches. This material will respawn after three days.
There ảe some Starconches spawn separately. When you go around sandy areas around lake banks and riverbanks in Liyue and Dragonspine, you can also get some single Starconches.

Place To Buy Genshin Impact Starconch

Genshin Impact players can also purchase Starconch from Bolai's Shop beneath the northern dock in Liyue. Bolai has a pretty shop with many items for Travelers to purchase, such as:

  • Starconch x5;
  • Apple x10;
  • Sunsettia x10;
  • Fish x10;

Each Starconch costs players 240 Mora. The shop will be refreshed every three days. You can buy some from him if you need more Starconch to ascend your characters.

Where To Get Starconch Genshin Impact
You can buy it from Bola's shop on Liyue Harbor's northern dock.

Many beginners don’t know how to find this shop. From the teleport waypoint in the North of Liyue Harbor town, you can glide down to the dock and continue to glide down towards some small boats. Turn back on your wings and you will see a flower shop with a man wearing a traditional Chinese outfit. Talk to him and make the deal.

How To Use Starconch

You can use Genshin Impact Starconch as an ascension material for Childe and Yelan. You need 168 Starconches for each character. Those who have got Yelan from the previous character banner need some trips to collect enough Starconches for her.

Starconch Genshin
Yelan needs 168 Starconches.

Genshin Impact players can get only 77 items every three days. So, you need at least three trips around these beaches and Bolai’s shop to get enough of this ascension material for Yelan.

Those are all Genshin Impact Starconch locations in Liyue. You cannot find this material in any other nation in Teyvat up to now. It’s still unknown if it will be available in any other country like Sumeru when these new nations are unlocked.

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