Honkai Impact's Expy Su will be the new character in Genshin Impact. His element and appearance in Genshin Impact have been leaked. Check out this new character here.

Su's Element & Appearance

Su is an upcoming character who is an Expy from Honkai Impact 3. His element and appearance have been leaked recently, making players excited. Here are some details about this upcoming character.

Su's Element

HI3's Expy Su will be a Dendro character. This is the last element to be revealed in Teyvat. His element in Genshin Impact is different from his element in the manga and Honkai Impact. He will come from Sumeru - the nation of the Dendro element in Teyvat.

Moreover, Su is an important person in his nation who hold a high rank in Sumeru's society. Besides, this new character will be close to the leader of his nation - the Dendro Archon.

Character Su Version 3 0
Su will be a new Dendro character from Sumeru in Genshin Impact 3.0.

It's possible that his ascension and talent level-up materials will be available around Teyvat and mainly in Sumeru. You may need many specialties in his nation to ascend this character, which can be local plants, insects, or animal drops.

Moreover, some elemental reactions of Dendro with Electro, Pyro, and Hydro have been revealed, including burning, intensified, and overgrown. So, Su and other character of this element can co-operate to produce deadly reactions and deal tons of damage on enemies.

Su's Appearance

HI3's Expy Su has a similar design to Zhongli and Ayato. He is high and slim but this man still has beautiful muscles and abs, making him incredibly hot and attractive. In addition, his small and long eyes have upper and lower eyeliners in red.

Fanart of Su is nearly accurate. He wears a black short-sleeve shirt and his long hair has some green lines which have the same color as the color of his eyes. Besides, Su wears a pair of earrings like the traditional costume of his nation. Just wait until the exact appearance of this gentleman in his official release.

Su Genshin Impact
Su has a hot and attractive look with the same design as Ayato and Zhongli.

Su will be another tall man in Genshin Impact like Zhongli, Ayato, Childe, and Diluc. So, he can move and climb faster when traversing the game world.

When Su Arrives In Teyvat

Su is likely to arrive in Teyvat in Genshin Impact 3.0 with some new characters in Sumeru, such as Collei and Cyno. As leaked, this version may be launched on August 24th, 2022. But it's still unknown whether his banner is on the first half of the update or the second half.

The Dendro nation Sumeru will be available to explore in the next Update 2.8. The two first character banners of the next update 2.8 have been confirmed, including two Rerun banners of Kazuha and Klee. Besides, the new 4-star character Shikanoin Heizou will also appear on their rerun banners.

New Sumeru Update
Update 3.0 will has many new characters from Sumeru, such as Collei and Cyno.

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