If you are a fan of indie games and have a lot of experience with this genre, then you probably know that very few of them end up delivering in almost every way. Among the most stunning indie games released in 2018, GRIS from Nomada Studio is one of my favorite ones.

When the first trailer of the game surfaced all the way back in November last year, I thought that there was no way the game would be that stunning. But the given proofs showed that I was wrong. Now, publisher Devolver Digital one more time impresses me with the iOS of GRIS, which just hit the App Store yesterday and is every bit as gorgeous as its PC counterpart.

Now it's time to watch the game's trailer for iOS. You can find it right below:

For people who are unfamiliar with GRIS, it is a game that centers around a young woman who has to pass across a metaphorical journey via a fractured land. And you have to explore beautiful locations with some puzzles & platforming sections without any dialog. It typically only takes you from three to five hours to finish your task, but the main draw of Gris lies in its great use of colors and storytelling.

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GRIS is a stunning indie video game that has just been released on all iOS devices.

GRIS had a great run when it was released on Nintendo Switch, so it comes as no surprise that the game runs smoothly on the high-resolution screens of the iPads. If you are fond of this game, you only need to pay $4.99 (Rs 350) to buy it from the App Store. It takes your iOS device around 2.2 GB of space. 

Since now, you can play GRIS anywhere at any time.

If you enjoy indie adventure games like Journey or Sky: Children of the Light, GRIS is definitely worth your money and time. What are you waiting for? Pick your iOS devices, download, and play the game now!