Recently, Garena Free Fire has introduced many time-limited events to keep fans entertained during the home-quarantine time. The latest event titled Character Marathon will give you a chance to get characters and exclusive character bundles for free. Check it out here with

How To Complete Character Missions And Get Rewards

After Free Fire Wonderland Event, Free Fire players can join the Character Marathon event introduced recently. This big event has several small events that give you different missions and rewards. This is a time-limited event lasting from April 24th to May 5th, 2020. Today, let’s learn how to complete the character mission event, a small event in the Free Fire Character Marathon Event.

Free Fire character mission is the longest branch event in Character Marathon Event. To get attractive rewards from this event, you need to complete the following missions to collect points. At each milestone of points, you will get different rewards. Check out the list of missions here. You get 50 points for each mission.

Free Fire Character Missions Event Detail
Free Fire Introduced Character Missions Event
  • Complete 3 Duo matches in the Casual Battle Royale mode.
  • Play 3 Solo matches in the Casual Battle Royale mode.
  • Complete 3 Squad games in the Casual Battle Royale mode.
  • Make a total of 30 kills in the Casual Battle Royale mode.
  • Kill 40 opponents in the Clash Squad mode.
  • Make 2000 damage in the Battle Royale Rank mode.
  • Win Streak in the Casual Clash Squad mode for 3 times.
  • Move totally 5,000 meters in the Casual Battle Royale.
Free Fire Character Missions Event
Complete missions to collect points

How To Get Rewards From The Event

The points will be summed. When you get 100 points, you can get 100 character fragments. With 200 points, you get 300 character fragments, and 600 character fragments when completing six out of eight mission and collecting enough 300  points. Then, you can use these fragments to level up your character. However, you need to complete these missions when playing with the character you want to upgrade. If you play the character Kelly, you will get the character fragments of Kelly.

Free Fire Character Missions Event Ultimate Missio
You can also get rewards by completing the Ultimate Missions

Moreover, this event also gives you the ‘Ultimate Missions’ opened on April 26th. Of course, the Ultimate Missions are more difficult to complete. But you will also get more rewards from this mission. You need to choose the character wisely to join the event and get many attractive rewards. Besides character fragments, you can also get a permanent Character Bundle for the character you choose to play and level up.