If you are keeping tabs on upcoming new mobile games, chances that you have heard about Punishing Grey Raven, an action RPG from Kuro Game. It has been out in China and Japan for quite a while now and has garnered massive praise for its killer story, combat, characters, and post-apocalyptic open-world setting.

In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about this game and how to play Punishing Grey Raven in India.

Punishing Grey Raven
Punishing Grey Raven is very similar to Genshin and Honkai

About Punishing Grey Raven


In fact, Punishing Grey Raven is among the best games similar to Genshin Impact at the moment. Many even call this game the Cyberpunk version of Genshin Impact. The story of Punishing Grey Raven (PGR) is set in a grim, post-apocalyptic future in which humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction. A biomechanical virus known as Punishing has nearly wiped out all biological lifeforms on the planet. They are then converted into a legion of corrupted machine robots.

You will step into the shoes of the commander of space station Babylonia, controlling an elite cyborg army called the Grey Raven. Your task is to lead the charge in the battle reclaiming the earth.


The gameplay is very similar to Honkai Impact or Devil May Cry, with frantic hack and slash combat and chaining combo. You have your movement button, your attack button, along with dodge and orbs. You gain orbs through normal attacking, and there are 3 colors of them that correspond to 3 skills that each character has.

Punishing Grey Raven
Punishing Grey Raven Combat

This means beside dodging and attacking, you have to pay attention to what orbs you are getting. The orbs are fuel to activate your skill, combo and maximize damage. There are limits on the dodge ability, which encourages you to play smartly instead of just rushing enemies.


The game looks amazing overall, with the models, the enemies and effects all look crisp and detailed. There are options for 60fps and even 120fps if your phone supports that. You can always run the game on a PC emulator to try out that setting.

How to play Punishing Grey Raven in India?

Currently, Punishing Grey Raven is not available in India. The July 16 release is only for North America, Europe, South-East Asia, and Australia. However, it is not region locked - you can just download the APK file and play normally. You can visit the home page of PGR to pre-register and receive various rewards.

PGR Pre-order Rewards

However, it is best to just download and install a third-party store like TapTap. Check out the link for PGR in the TapTap Playstore. To download TapTap, click here.

Tap Tap
PGR's page on TapTap

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