Genshin Impact has been one of the most successful RPGs on Android to date. Released September last year, the game crossed the 1 billion dollars revenue in just 6 months. This makes it one of the biggest mobile games ever - much more profitable than the usual PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.

If you can't play Genshin Impact for some reason, here are the top 5 games like Genshin Impact to play on PC.

1 - Nier Automata

Nier: Automata, the first among common games like Genshin Impact, is an Action RPG in which players step into the shoes of the combat android from YoRHa and explore an open world. The combat is hack and slash action based, with the player being able to use light and heavy attacks, along with an array of other tricks. Both these aspects are very similar to Genshin Impact - in fact, maybe Genshin itself has taken some inspiration from Nier.

2B of Nier Automata
2B of Nier Automata

At different points in the story, the gameplay can even change into different video game genres. This can range from shoot 'em up to text adventure segments. Weapons in Nier are also similar: there are four different classes of weapons available: short swords, long swords, bracers, and spears.

2 - Bayonetta

Bayonetta is a single player hack and slash RPG. The player controls a character named Bayonetta who can use multiple weapons to perform melee and ranged attacks. By performing combos, Bayonetta can summon a variety of devices to deal critical damage to enemies. These two elements are similar to Genshin's combat and elemental reactions.

Bayonetta has a gun on each of her limbs
Bayonetta has a gun on each of her limbs

The main character, Bayonetta, is the highlight of the game, with her sexy design considered one of the best in gaming to date.

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3 - Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 is yet another hack and slash RPG, with the player taking control of Death, a horseman of the apocalypse. The combat is fairly similar to Genshin, with players using multiple ranged and melee weapons to perform combos. The vast maps with open world regions are also here as well - players can traverse them on foot or by horse.

Fight against gigantic monsters
Fight against gigantic monsters

The game has a lot of interactive puzzle elements that require players think their way through a series of levers, doors, elevators, portals, etc. in order to traverse areas and reach objectives.

4 - Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is similar to Bayonetta before it - an action RPG with hack and slash combat. Therefore, it is similar to Genshin's combat. While it does not have an open world, the map, level designs, enemies and bosses are top tier. The story weaves with fast paced challenging fights and epic confrontation.

Devil May Cry 5 Characters
The three main Devil May Cry 5 Characters

The players fight hordes of demons as multiple characters, using multiple weapons. The higher your combo, the better the rewards.

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