Hackers have been a problem for PUBG Mobile for a while now. The game’s popular streamers such as Ron Gaming, Levinho, and Rowdy Gaming have even uploaded many videos which featuring them encounters hackers while playing the game.

Streamers are not the only one that encounters hackers, however, PUBG Mobile official accounts on Twitter and Instagram are also filled with comments complaining about the constant rising of hackers from other players.

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Hackers have been a problem for PUBG Mobile for a while now.

The game’s makers are well informed on this issue. PUBG Mobile’s developers have recently issued an official announcement regarding the problem. The announcement stated that the hackers are “detrimental to the PUBG Mobile experience” and the cheaters “compromise the integrity of the rules”.

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The hackers’ ID will be publicly published

The announcement further stated the punishment that cheaters and hackers would receive if they continue to do so, which would be a punishment of 10-year ban. Players were also encouraged to use PUBG Mobile’s reporting system in order to point out the events of hacking. It was assured by Tencent that every report would be further investigated and its players would be notified of any findings. Moreover, the hackers’ ID will be publicly published so that it will make PUBG Mobile a better game.

Pubg Mobile Gameplay
Hackers would receive a punishment of 10-year ban

It is worth noting that the announcement has set off some confusion amongst PUBG’s community. The announcement stated that players who use any unauthorized third-party apps in the game to enhance their experience might also get a ban. Players who are using GFX Tools – an app that assists players in changing their graphics setting in the game – are in crisis, and are currently wondering whether they will be banned for using the tool. For the time being, it might be wise for players not to use the app until there is some confirmation about using an authorized third party app to modify in-game graphics. The announcement has also given a list of players who were caught cheating and received a 10-year ban for doing so.

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