PUBG Mobile is still as popular as ever in India, and the just-released Season 7 package of the game is still gathering attentions in the gaming community. From a new game mode to quite a lot of fixes and patches of problems in the game that had been reported by players, this new update will serve to make the game an even more fun experience than it already is.

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Patch 0.13.0 Beta has arrived in PUBG Mobile

The excitement surrounding the last Patch 0.12.5’s special - the crossover with Godzilla: King of the Monster - has yet to wear off completely when the developers kicked in another update, this time with a new game mode that can refresh how you define the PUBG Mobile experience.


This new game mode is called ‘Team Deathmatch’ and is playable in both first and third-person perspective. There are also a few changes, such as a new control scheme that you can toggle on and off in the settings menu or an MVP display in the result board. Graphically, your characters will now leave footprints in the snow in Vikendi.

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The Tyrant has been removed, paving the way for 4 new Zombie types

In the popular ‘zombie mode’ of PUBG Mobile: Survive Till Dawn there was one drastic change. Tyrant, Licker, and some other zombies were removed to pave the way for the developers to insert four new zombies. The Abandoned Factory has also been blessed with a new boss that could prove to be a new challenge for players to try and defeat.

A Revamped Experience

The developers are still very enthusiastic about the game, evidently. And if it’s been a while since you last play PUBG Mobile, now is a pretty good time to return.

If you’re already hooked, unfortunately, there’s one condition that you have to meet first: That you must be playing on an Android phone. At the moment, the beta update is rolled out on Android only. For iOS users, you will have to wait for now.