Halfbrick Studios, the developer who brought joy to our childhood with Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has just released a new game called Magic Brick Wars after a 3-year hiatus. You can watch the trailer of Magic Brick Wars below.

Magic Brick Wars is somewhat similar to Clash Royale but with more dynamic and complex gameplay. In this game, the whole board will be your battlefield with a total of 10 lanes. You place your units on your side of the board so they reach the other end and destroy your opponent's base. Units can only go straight so in order to prevent enemies from advancing, you need to block their way with your units, spells or magic walls.

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Ice brick can freeze a unit

You can collect units under the form of cards and build your own deck to use in battles. You need mana to deploy units. Your mana gauge has a maximum capacity of 10 mana and restores mana by itself slowly over time. One thing you should keep in mind is that your units will take some time to be on the board after you deploy so make your decision quickly. A player is defeated after 5 units reach their end.

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Each player has 5 HP

On the right side of your battle menu are brick walls. They are all made of 3 regular bricks and 1 magic brick which are shaped in different ways. There are different types of magic bricks, each with their own unique effect. For example, if an enemy breaks a Fire brick, they will get burned but if an enemy breaks an Ice brick, they will be frozen for a long while. Brick walls don't cost you anything, but they have a recharge time. You can rotate brick walls to maximize the effectiveness. Apart from brick walls, you can also stop your enemies using spells.

Magic Brick Wars is now available on Google Play Store for free. Go ahead and check it out now.