Garena Free Fire is a very competitive Battle Royale game on the mobile platform. Reaching the highest rank possible in the game is every survivor's goal. Just a few days ago, the Ranked Season 19 had successfully concluded. The rank placements are now reset, rewards are distributed to players, and things start all over again.

Heroic Ranked Season 20
Follow these tips to increase your ranks

With the Ranked Season 20 kicking off, many will set to reclaim their previous ranks or even higher Free Fire. If you're down for some grinding, follow our article right here to find the top tips to reach the Heroic tier quickly.

How to Reach Heroic Tier Quickly in Free Fire Ranked Season 20

#1 Play with Someone You Trust

For the best coordination and communication on the battlefield, we highly recommend players to play alongside trusty teammates. Gather your long-time friends and form an impeccable team to push rank faster. That saves you the trouble of getting to know strangers or figuring out what they want to do in a ranked match.

Free Fire Squad
Form a formidable team

Communication is the key strategy to victory. Find someone who you trust and synergize with, party, and play with them for the best chance of winning!

#2 Pick Your Time

Choosing your time to push ranks will also affect the final results. By starting early in the Ranked Season, you may face less competition on the way up. Later in the season, more and more players will try to force their ways into higher ranks.

Heroic Ranked Season 20 Choose Time
Get to grinding bright and early

Now is the perfect time for Free Fire survivors to climb to the Heroic tier.

#3 Main a Character

The choice of character can greatly impact the gameplay of Garena Free Fire. Currently, the game offers 37 playable characters, and each one of them, except ‘Primis’ and ‘Nulla’, has a unique ability.

Heroic Ranked Season 20 Characters
Pick a character to main

However, we do not recommend players using a new character for each match. Instead, pick out just one that fits your style the most and main them! That helps you understand the character in and out, knowing what they are and are not capable of doing.