PUBG Mobile has released multiple events before, and this is not an exception. The Voyage is one of the game’s newest event – amongst the more rewarding ones. The event is divided into four parts: Rich Rewards, Zombie Slayer, Big Spender, and The Clan Event – all of them are listed on the in-game events tab.

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All the loot is hidden in the depth of PUBG Maps

The Rich Rewards part of the event is aptly the most appealing, with prizes such as a permanent skill for the Vector Gun – plus some limited suit skins. Getting them is pretty time consuming, however, this guide would assist you with that.

The event is pretty straightforward. Hidden across the PUGB Mobile map, there are multiple compasses that you would need to find in order to get the skin. Compasses are available in three variants: Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Getting the compasses isn't that easy

During the event, a thrill ride BP crate will be awarded for each bronze compass found. Thirty silver compasses could be exchanged for the piglet set, while twenty is the amount that you need to get the hooligan set – for a limited period of ten days. The grand prize, the Vector skin, can be redeemed with six golden compasses. Additionally, a classic crate coupon would be available for a small price of 20 bronze compasses. Upon returning the compasses into the shop for your needed item, the total count will reset to zero.

A lot of those compasses are placed strategically at random spots across the map. However, there are specific points of excavation that would be guaranteed a compass. The earned compass could either be bronze, silver or gold, with a high-level item accompanied it. The item could even be something rare, like a level two vest or level three bag. Below are the five places that could have a compass drop in Erangel

The infamous golden compass - the rarest of them all

The probability of getting a drop from those locations is not one hundred percent, but it’s close. If you aren’t able to find one in your first time, try the spot in your next game – the loot is very likely to be there.

First location

The island across the shore

On the east side of Ferry Pier, you can see a water tank on a small island. Get to it by either walking or using a vehicle (swimming is not needed). The excavation point is directly below the sniping tower.

Second location

Building in the middle of Stalber

Located on the south side of Stalber, amidst the field of broken buildings. The excavation point can be found inside the westernmost building, right in the middle.

Third location

In the tower of Mylta

Everyone is probably familiar with the two huge structures in the Mylta Power. One of the excavation points is located in the middle of one – the structure that’s next to the trees. You would have to go closer inside to check since the point is pretty well hidden.

Fourth location

inside a huge ruined castle

Northeast of the Ruins lies a huge castle. It is built on a hilltop surrounded by a river – you would need to circle around this building until a small alleyway is found. The excavation point is right inside it.

Fifth location

Not too far from the Military base

Located between Sosnovka Military Base and Novorepnoye, the excavation point is on the bottom floor of a tall tower. Try to find a hill with a loot-house next to it – that tower on the hill would be the correct one.

These five locations are not the only places for the excavation points to spawn, as there are many more spots in all the maps that compasses could be found. However, you have to remember one thing: The compasses can only be found in classic game mode, either solo, duo or squad.

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