Honkai: Star Rail version 2.3 of the widely loved sci-fi RPG is concluding the storyline of its latest world, Penacony, and HoYoverse has already hinted at what's next for fans.

Earlier leaks indicated that the game would revisit Xianzhou Luofu in its upcoming updates, with the character lineup for Version 2.4 appearing to confirm this. As of now, recent leaks suggest that a new character will play a significant role in the story.

What’s news in Honkai: Star Rail 2.4?

Before the release of the Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 version, HoYoverse announced three new characters that players can acquire in the upcoming update. Version 2.4 will introduce Jiaoqiu and Yunli as its two latest 5-star additions, both originating from Xianzhou Luofu.

Additionally, a new form for the character coming on March 7th will be available in Version 2.4. Players can freely switch between the character's Preservation and Hunt forms during gameplay. Plus, a new teaser hints at a special event for the character during the update.

Honkai: Star Rail Yunli Story Leaked

A recent leak from well-known HoYoverse source HomDGCat also revealed an upcoming special story event featuring Yunli in the 2.4 update. Specifically, the Honkai: Star Rail 2.4 storyline will showcase a distinctive battle where the new 5-star character Yunli will appear as an opponent, challenging Yanqing.

Honkai Star Rail 2 4 Leaks
The leak is from a well-known HoYoverse source HomDGCat.

Players will assume the role of Yanqing in the battle, aiming to defeat more enemies than Yunli. Fans will allegedly have the option to use their own in-game characters for this mission. The fight is said to be scripted to allow for both outcomes, with scenarios planned for both Yanqing and Yunli to emerge victorious.

Even though the developer hasn't fully disclosed the relationship between Yunli and Yanqing, hints in the game's lore may have already suggested their interactions.

Yunli's introduction in the game unveils her as the granddaughter of Xianzhou Luofu Arbiter-General Huaiyan, who is part of the legendary High-Cloud Quintet. While Yanqing serves as the retainer to Arbiter-General Jing Yuan, implying a possible rivalry between them. 

Yanqing Honkai Star Rail
Yanqing in Honkai Star Rail
Yunli Honkai Star Rail
Yunli in Honkai Star Rail

The new character Yunli leads the charge in Version 2.4, but that's not all. Rumors swirl about upcoming additions like the popular Penacony character Sunday, possibly arriving in Version 2.7. Leaks continue to fuel anticipation for the playable Screwllum, with recent glimpses of in-game animations. With a steady stream of exciting characters on the horizon, Honkai: Star Rail promises a vibrant and ever-expanding roster for players to explore.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.4 is scheduled to make its way on July 30th.

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