Honkai: Star Rail demonstrates commendable character development for its playable characters. Players have the freedom to choose multiple characters and excel with them in the game. If played skillfully, Arlan can rival some of the most powerful DPS avatars such as Jing Yuan, Clara, Seele, and others. Since the game's release, numerous players have been eagerly seeking optimal builds for these characters.

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Honkai Star Rail Arlan Build

Arlan, the head of the Security Department at Herta Space Station, is portrayed as a 4-Star playable character in the game. Initially, he may appear underwhelming, but as he progresses, he becomes a formidable main DPS character. His power intensifies as his HP decreases, presenting both an advantage and a potential risk. The principle of higher risk yielding higher rewards applies to this character. Honkai: Star Rail players need not worry, as this guide will assist them in maximizing Arlan's potential with the best possible build.

Honkai Star Rail Arlan Overview

Arlan may not initially appear appealing due to his reliance on consuming his own health to launch attacks. Similar to a typical berserker archetype, he has mastered the art of health consumption but fails to realize the need for a means to recover that health as well.

Honkai Star Rail Best Arlan Build

His skill depletes 15% of his maximum HP to inflict damage. This health cost replaces the need for skill points, rendering Arlan incapable of utilizing them. While this allows other teammates to utilize those skill points, it results in somewhat modest damage multipliers. If Arlan's HP is below 15% of his maximum when he uses this skill, his HP will be reduced to 1, enabling him to potentially continue using the skill even at critically low health. However, for the sake of survivability, this approach is not recommended.

Due to the necessity of maintaining his health, Arlan indirectly consumes skill points, demanding external healing and/or shielding. If not handled carefully, he can become a significant drain on resources.

Honkai Star Rail Arlan Best Build

Light Cone

To optimize Arlan's performance, it is advisable for players to select a Light Cone that possesses abilities capable of augmenting his ATK while restoring his HP. Specifically, the light cone named "Something Irreplaceable" is ideal in this regard. It enhances Arlan's ATK by 24% and also grants him HP recovery equal to 8% of his ATK whenever he hits or defeats an opponent. However, it is important to note that this light cone can only be utilized once per turn and its effects cannot be accumulated.

Honka Star Rail Is Arlan Worth It Build Guide
Light Cone

As for the secondary Light Cone, "A Secret Vow" would be a suitable choice. This particular cone can elevate Arlan's overall DMG output by 20%. Furthermore, it bestows an additional DMG bonus of 20% whenever his HP is lower than that of the enemy he is facing.

Relics and Ornaments

The relic known as the "Band of Sizzling Thunder" offers two distinct effects. When worn as part of a two-piece set, it enhances Arlan's Lightning DMG by 10%. On the other hand, when incorporated into a four-piece set, it grants Arlan a 20% ATK increase for a single turn each time he employs his special ability. Another Honkai: Star Rail relic, called the "Musketeer of Wild Wheat," also provides two effects. Equipping Arlan with the two-piece set raises his ATK by 12%. Opting for the four-piece set amplifies Arlan's SPD by 6% and further enhances his ATK by 10%.

Honkai Star Rail Arlan 3
Relics and Ornaments 

By donning the Honkai: Star Rail ornament named the "Celestial Differentiator," Arlan's CRIT DMG receives a boost of 16%. If Arlan's critical damage surpasses 120% or more, his CRIT DMG is augmented by an additional 60% until the conclusion of the attack. As for the second ornament, the "Inert Salsotto," it heightens Arlan's critical rate by 8%. Once his CRIT rate reaches 50% or higher, Arlan's Ultimate and subsequent attack DMG gains an extra 15% in damage.

Honkai: Star Rail Best Arlan Teams

When venturing with Arlan, players should exercise caution regarding his optimal health threshold of 30% of his maximum HP. It is ideal for Arlan to consistently maintain this level or be in close proximity to it to unleash his maximum damage potential. While Arlan possesses means of restoring his health through defeating enemies, it is advisable to have a teammate on the team dedicated to protecting or sustaining him. This precaution is necessary to prevent Arlan from being incapacitated by unexpected AoE attacks or stray enemy damage.

Lightning Hypercarry Comp

Honkai Star Rail Tingyun

The team composition presented here revolves around Arlan as the primary DPS unit, with a focus on Lightning damage. It is specifically designed to tackle brief encounters where the primary threat is susceptible to Lightning damage. Such encounters can include Stagnant Shadow domains, Simulated Universe Elites, and Forgotten Hall floors.

  • DPS: Arlan
  • Support 1: Tingyun
  • Support 2: Bronya/Asta
  • Tank/Healer

Tingyun assumes the crucial Support role in this team composition, primarily due to her ability to enhance Arlan's ATK and Lightning DMG. Additionally, she aids in charging up his Ultimate, which has a relatively low energy cost of 110.

Bronya serves as a valuable asset to help Arlan deal more substantial damage and act swiftly. The latter aspect is particularly significant as it enables Arlan to frequently reduce his own health and reach the desired 30% HP threshold. For players seeking a free-to-play alternative, Asta can be a suitable substitute for Bronya. However, it's worth noting that Asta's speed boost may not be as potent as Combat Redeployment's instant turn advancement.

In the last team slot, players have the option to choose either Gepard or Natasha to ensure the team's survival. Gepard's AOE shield provides protection for everyone against incoming damage, while Natasha offers Arlan a consistent healing source that persists between turns. Players who possess an E6 March 7th might consider using her instead, as March's healing ability is moderate enough to assist Arlan in maintaining his sweet spot without unnecessarily risking his life.

Skill Generator Comp

A notable advantage of having Arlan as a Sub-DPS is that he does not rely on SP (Skill Points) to inflict damage. With Arlan in the team, players can utilize their abilities more frequently without compromising the overall DPS output. While Arlan may not always generate SP directly, his mere presence can help maintain a positive SP economy for the entire team.

Honkai Star Rail Seele 1
  • DPS: Seele/Jing Yuan
  • Sub-DPS: Arlan
  • Support: Tingyun/Bronya
  • Any Tank/Healer

The team composition mentioned can be customized with various combinations of units, although Seele and Jing Yuan serve as excellent examples of carries who can benefit from having Arlan as part of the team. Both characters heavily rely on Skill Points (SP), particularly when paired with a Support unit capable of enhancing their damage. In this scenario, Arlan's responsibilities involve generating Skill Points, exploiting Lightning Weaknesses, and obliterating groups of weaker enemies, while the other damage dealers handle more substantial targets.

This team is particularly effective in the Simulated Universe, especially when players receive blessings from the Path of the Hunt. Arlan's area-of-effect (AOE) ultimate ability synergizes well with Seele, enabling her to unleash lengthy damage chains. Additionally, Arlan excels at continuously eliminating minions summoned by Elites and Bosses. Notably, Arlan proves to be exceptionally potent in World 4, as the final battle against Svarog involves numerous robotic enemies.

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