Tingyun, a notable figure in Honkai: Star Rail, holds a significant role as the Head Representative of the Whistling Flames, a merchant guild endorsed by the Sky-Faring Commission. Known as a skilled communicator and a silver-tongued Foxian girl, Tingyun possesses exceptional storytelling abilities that captivate her audience. As a Lightning element character following the harmony path, Tingyun is highly regarded as one of the top support characters in Honkai: Star Rail, especially among the 4-star lineup.


Many players draw comparisons between Tingyun and Bennett from Genshin Impact due to their similar capabilities. Tingyun's abilities allow her to enhance her team's ATK based on her own ATK, making her a valuable asset in battles. Additionally, she excels as a battery character by replenishing her allies' energy levels, enabling them to unleash their powerful Ultimates more frequently. However, unlike Bennett, Tingyun does not possess healing abilities. To fully unlock Tingyun's potential and maximize her ability to buff her teammates, players need to carefully build her in a specific manner.

Best Relics For Tingyun

To fully maximize Tingyun's ATK buff, it is vital to prioritize relics that provide a bonus to ATK%. Therefore, players should concentrate on equipping her with the Musketeer of Wild Wheat (4p) cavern relic set. This set not only grants an ATK% bonus through its 2p set bonus but also enhances Tingyun's Speed and DMG through its 4p set bonus, further augmenting her effectiveness as a support character.

Honkai Star Rail Tingyun Build
Honkai Star Rail Tingyun Build

When considering the Planary ornaments, players have the fortunate option of selecting one that increases ATK%. The Space Sealing Station (2p) ornament set offers an additional boost to ATK%, which can be further amplified if Tingyun's speed exceeds 120. This not only significantly enhances her ATK% boost but also improves her overall damage output when players choose to utilize her Basic ATK instead of relying solely on her support abilities. By prioritizing relics that enhance ATK% and selecting suitable ornament sets, players can unlock Tingyun's true potential as a support character while also strengthening her individual damage-dealing capabilities.

When considering the main stats for Tingyun, players should prioritize the following:

  • Body: ATK%
  • Feet: ATK% or Speed
  • Planar Sphere: ATK%
  • Link Rope: Energy Regen Rate or ATK%

When considering the sub-stats for Tingyun, the main priority should be ATK% > Speed > flat ATK. This ensures that she can deliver a substantial ATK buff while also having a higher turn priority, allowing her to quickly enhance her allies before they take their actions.

Trace Priority For Tingyun

When evaluating Tingyun's entire kit, the priority for upgrading should be as follows: Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic Attack. It is crucial for players to allocate resources towards improving these abilities in order to optimize Tingyun's role as a support character. Moreover, players should concentrate on unlocking her Ascension Traces and minor traces that provide an ATK% boost whenever feasible. These enhancements not only reinforce Tingyun's buffs but also contribute to her overall performance.

Best Light Cones For Tingyun

The available light cone options for Tingyun may feel somewhat restrictive, particularly for players who wish to utilize multiple Harmony characters. Obtaining the optimal light cone for Tingyun can be challenging due to the gacha system involved. One example is The Battle Isn't Over, which is primarily designed for Bronya and suits her better. However, if players possess this weapon but not Bronya, it can still be a suitable choice for Tingyun. Nevertheless, if players have both Bronya and her weapon and intend to use them together, it would still be more appropriate for Bronya.

Honkai Star Rail Tingyun Build2
Best Light Cones For Tingyun

Tingyun's second-best light cone option is Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds, which can only be obtained by purchasing it with real-life currency and reaching level 30 on the Nameless Honor battle pass. Although it is a more limited option, it remains a great choice for players who are willing to invest in additional rewards. This light cone bears similarities to Genshin Impact's Widsith, as it grants a random bonus of ATK%, ER%, or Crit DMG% at the start of combat and when the wearer takes action.

For players seeking a free-to-play (F2P) option, the 3-star light cone Chorus is an excellent choice. It provides an ATK% bonus to allies, making it a valuable option without the need for additional purchases.

Honkai: Star Rail — Tingyun Team Compositions

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Tingyun Team Compositions

As a Support character, Tingyun is versatile and can fit into various team compositions that require an offensive buffer and Lightning DMG for breaking Toughness bars. Instead of providing specific team setups, this guide will highlight the characters in Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 that synergize the most with Tingyun.

  • Bronya - As the only other offensive Support character in the initial version of the game, pairing Bronya with Tingyun allows players to significantly boost the damage output of a single carry by utilizing their buff skills. What makes Bronya particularly advantageous is that her Ultimate, the Belobog March, also increases Tingyun's ATK, resulting in a stronger Benediction effect for the team's designated damage dealer.
  • Dan Heng - With a relatively low base Ultimate Energy cost of 100, Dan Heng can quickly eliminate important targets by consecutively casting Ethereal Dream when Tingyun uses her own Ultimate on him. After using his Ultimate once, Dan Heng only needs to perform one basic attack and one Skill before Tingyun can provide him with the remaining Energy needed for another significant damage burst. Pairing them with Asta or Welt can create more opportunities for this duo to chain their combo together.
  • Seele - Among all the characters currently available, Seele is the only DPS unit capable of completely resetting her turn. Unlike Advance Forward, a turn reset ensures that one-turn buffs won't expire for the character's next attack. Simply put, Seele can utilize the additional Lightning DMG portion from Tingyun's Benediction skill multiple times per turn as long as she can maintain her resets. This allows her to build up Energy for her Ultimate and sustain her momentum until the combat encounter is resolved.
  • Physical Trailblazer - In terms of buff efficiency, Physical Trailblazer can increase their own ATK stat up to two times by breaking enemy Toughness bars. This maximizes the Lightning DMG portion of Tingyun's Benediction skill since it scales off the target's ATK rather than the caster's. However, since this part of the buff only lasts for one turn, players should time its usage whenever Physical Trailblazer's Ultimate is available.

More characters will be added to Honkai: Star Rail over time, expanding the options for teams built around Tingyun. While her ATK buffs are valuable, there may come a time when other Supports surpass Tingyun in terms of raw offensive numbers. In such cases, players can utilize her as an Energy Battery to complement the abilities of other Support characters.

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