Elements wield significant influence within Honkai: Star Rail’s combat mechanics, impacting how enemies respond to specific elemental damage. Some adversaries possess higher resistance (RES) against certain attributes, while others vulnerable to an element display zero resistance to it. Moreover, breaking a weakness in an enemy is only feasible if they are susceptible to that specific Element. Hence, team composition involving the right attributes holds immense importance in the game.

This necessity for diverse elemental units in Honkai: Star Rail becomes evident. Initially, upon the game's launch, Natasha and Bailu were the sole healing characters, representing the Physical and Lightning Elements respectively. However, the introduction of Huohuo in version 1.5 as the first Abundance unit with the Wind Element exemplifies the importance of diversifying elemental units. Here's a guide on how Trailblazers can build Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai: Star Rail Complete Huohuo Build Guide

Best Huohuo Build In Honkai: Star Rail

Light Cone Relic Set Relic Stat
  1. Night of Fright
  2. Quid Pro Quo
  3. Post-Op Conversation
  4. Shared Feeling
  5. Warmth Shortens Cold Nights
  6. Perfect Timing
  7. Hey, Over Here
  8. Fine Fruit
  1. 4pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
  2. 4pc Passerby of Wandering Cloud
  3. 2pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace + 2pc Longevous Disciple

Planar Ornaments

  1. Broken Keel
  2. Fleet of the Ageless
  3. Penacony Land of the Dreams
  • Body: Outgoing Healing Bonus or HP
  • Feet: SPD or HP
  • Planar Sphere: HP
  • Link Rope: Energy Regeneration Rate or HP
  • Sub-stat: SPD, HP%, and Effect RES%

Huohuo Character Review

Huohuo merges potent Abundance-based healing with supportive Harmony abilities. Through her Ultimate, she can replenish 20% of maximum Energy for all allies and bolster their ATK by 40% for 2 turns. Her default AoE healing Skill and Talent offer substantial passive healing, reminiscent of Luocha, while also cleansing allies at the start of their turn or upon using an Ultimate. To sustain her Talent, Huohuo utilizes SP, making her not entirely SP-positive like Luocha, yet she easily maintains SP neutrality.

Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Best Builds 1
She rivals Luocha in healing.

Despite her timid nature as the trainee Ten-Lords Judge, Huohuo stands as a surprising asset within the Path of Abundance. Despite her fearful disposition, she excels in maintaining party sustainability and brings unique benefits that make her a potentially desirable addition.

Huohuo's Skill targets a single ally, restoring their HP by up to 21% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 560, while adjacent allies receive a heal of up to 16.8% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 448. As Huohuo's healing is HP-dependent, this results in a substantial upfront healing amount, including a debuff dispel for the main ally.

Her Skill is pivotal as it intertwines with her verbose yet powerful Talent. After using her Skill, Huohuo gains Divine Provision for 2 turns, enabling passive healing for allies at the start of their turn or when they utilize their Ultimate, restoring up to 4.5% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 120. This healing also purges a debuff from the healed ally and extends to other allies below 50% Max HP, functioning as an effective emergency healing mechanism.

The remarkable continuous healing output tied to Huohuo's Skill refreshment for her Talent rivals Luocha's Abyss Flower in terms of total healing. Additionally, Huohuo's proficiency in free debuff cleansing is remarkable, addressing subtle yet perilous debuffs like Damage over Time (DoT) or DEF Reduction. While other Abundance characters may struggle with these debuffs at end-game levels, Huohuo mitigates them effectively, creating a battle strategy centered on attrition, challenging only Luocha's consistent healing capabilities within the Abundance group. Huohuo nearly matches this healing prowess while offering frequent debuff dispels at minimal additional cost, albeit with stricter activation criteria tied to turns or Ultimate usage rather than dealing damage.

Best Huohuo Relics In Honkai: Star Rail

As a healer in Honkai: Star Rail whose restorative abilities scale with her HP, it’s crucial to focus on boosting Huohuo's HP% to enhance her healing capacity, alongside increasing her Outgoing Healing Bonus stat. However, given her role as a significant energy source for the team, augmenting her SPD to optimize her actions becomes equally essential.

Honkai Star Rail Huohuo 4
Gearing Huohuo is actually pretty easy.

For optimal Relic choices, the 4-piece set of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace stands out, granting a 6% SPD boost and 12% enhancement for the team's SPD upon Huohuo casting her Ultimate. Alternatively, players who haven’t acquired this Relic yet can opt for the classic 4-piece Passerby of Wandering Cloud set, maximizing Huohuo's healing potential and contributing a valuable Skill Point to the team at the beginning of battles.

Players might also consider a compromise by mixing two sets of Relics, combining 2 pieces each of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, Longevous Disciple, or Passerby of Wandering Cloud. While not the most optimal, this amalgamation provides a blend of 6% SPD, 12% HP, or 10% Outgoing Healing, serving Huohuo adequately when her ideal Relic set isn’t available.

Huohuo Build
Huohuo is S tier in both healing and support

When venturing into the Planar Ornaments area, Broken Keel emerges as the top choice for Huohuo, offering a 10% boost to Crit DMG for the entire team and bolstering Huohuo’s Effect RES, further fortifying her defense against debuffs. Fleet of the Ageless presents another viable option, providing Huohuo with 12% HP and granting her allies an 8% ATK increase. Additionally, if players utilize another Wind character alongside Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail, employing the Penacony Land of the Dreams set benefits Huohuo's support role by offering an additional 10% DMG to that character along with a 5% Energy Regeneration Rate boost.

Best Huohuo Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail

The ideal Light Cones selection for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail should accentuate her role as an Abundance unit specializing in support. Here are the top Light Cones that align with this objective:

  1. Night of Fright: Boasts high base HP and provides Huohuo with Energy Regeneration Rate. Additionally, it enables passive healing for allies and enhances their ATK%.
  2. Quid Pro Quo: Features a respectable amount of Base HP and allows Huohuo to actively replenish her team's Energy at the beginning of each of her turns.
  3. Shared Feeling: At S5 level, Shared Feeling empowers Huohuo to continually regenerate her team's Energy while amplifying her Outgoing Healing.
  4. Post-Op Conversation: Vital for Huohuo to swiftly recharge her Ultimate, fulfilling this need effectively.
  5. Warmth Shortens Cold Nights: Significantly boosts Huohuo’s HP and provides ongoing small-scale healing for the entire party.
  6. Perfect Timing: Augments Effect RES and adds Outgoing Healing based on her Effect RES.
  7. Hey, Over Here: Increases Huohuo’s HP and Outgoing Healing capabilities.
  8. Fine Fruit: Maintains considerable Base HP while granting Huohuo the ability to instantly boost the team’s Energy at the commencement of each battle.

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