All characters in Genshin Impact have a lot of hidden lore, including character stories, voiceovers, and character namecards. Players can unlock this content by increasing the friendship level of the characters, which stands for the traveler's bond with them.

However, increasing companionship EXP can be pretty tedious, especially if you want to work on multiple characters. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to farm companionship EXP in Genshin Impact.

1. Do Daily Commissions

Daily Commissions are a great way to get Companionship EXP. Based on their rank, players can get up to 60 EXP from each commission and 100 EXP daily from the bonus reward for completing all Daily Commissions. Therefore, makes sure to do all commissions every day.

Genshin Impact Commissions List
Playing and completing commissions daily are the best way to farm companionship EXP in Genshin Impact.

Players can check the available Daily Commissions in the Quest Menu Screen. Additionally, it is also possible to gain 10 - 15 Companionship EXP by completing random events in the open world.

Remember to switch to characters that you want to increase your friendship level with before completing the commissions. Fallen characters can still gain and receive the same amount of Companionship EXP as long as they stay on the active party member list.

2. Collect Realm Bounty (Serenitea Pot)

Players can gain an amount of Realm Bounty through the Housing System hourly, depending on their Adeptal Energy levels. Once collected, Realm Bounty will be directly converted into Companionship EXP for the characters deployed.

Realm bounty and housing system is the most effortless way to gain Friendship level.

Remember to deploy characters you want to grind in order to gain friendship levels. At 12,000 Adeptal Energy, characters gain 5 Companionship EXP every hour.

3. Spend Resin

Any time players spend Resin, they would gain companionship EXP in exchange. The output varied from challenge to challenge, however.

Domains reward players with some companionship EXP every clear.

For example, Ley Line outcrops such as Blossoms of Wealth and Revelation give a maximum of 20 EXP. Normal and Weekly bosses are more efficient - they yield up to 45 and 70 EXP, respectively.

Players can also get companionship EXP by clearing domains. At maximum difficulty, they yield 20 EXP per clear.

4. Play Co-op

Players can gain double the amount of companionship EXP in co-op mode. Usually, the exp is shared between all members of the party, and in co-op, it is distributed among 2 characters instead of 4.

Genshin Impact Co Op Mode 16391428666172112116771
Playing Co-Op in Genshin actually rewards players for their time.

This method leads to double the EXP gain rate, but the same amount of EXP in general. Players can level up certain characters faster by playing co-op, but their general gain would be the same. It wouldn't work if you play co-op mode with three other players, however.

5. Farm companionship EXP in Genshin Impact by random events

As mentioned above, completing random events in Genshin Impact can award players some Companionship EXP. However, not all random events are created equal, as some spawn repeatedly every time you restart the game.

Players can do the special event called 'Warden of Konda' can be completed ten times a day to get 150 companionship EXP daily. This also works in Co-Op mode, which doubles the EXP to 300.

The event is super fast to complete - it only requires the traveler to scare off some pigeons. Just equip any bow character and shoot at them to complete the task. Afterward, head back to the event location and relaunch the game.

Additionally, there's another random event that players can complete for companionship EXP in Inazuma City. It works the same way as the previously mentioned event - just restart the game to do it again.

Ac921 16516698234735 1920
Event location in Inazuma City

6. What are the benefits of Friendship levels?

Increasing a character's Friendship Level unlocks extra voice-overs and character stories that can be read in their profile.

Lvl Reward
1 Unlocks Serenitea Pot Dialogue: ''How do you like it here?''
2 Unlocks Character Story 1
3 Unlocks Character Story 2
4 Unlocks Character Story 3
Unlocks Bonus Story (Unique per Character)
New Serenitea pot Dialogue: ''Would you like to have a chat with me?''
5 Unlocks Character Story 4 and additional Voice Lines
6 Unlocks Character Story 5, Character's Vision Story, and additional Voice Lines
7 Unlocks Serenitea pot Dialogue: ''Is there anything you'd like to do?''
10 Unlocks namecard based on the character

Note that some stories and voice-over lines have additional unlock requirements, such as the completion of certain quests. Also note that some voice-over lines cannot be unlocked with increased Friendship Levels, such as the lines related to ascension.

What Are Name Cards In Genshin Impact
Name cards are the final rewards for Friendship levels in Genshin Impact

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